Top 5 ancient coffee shops in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Impression, art, and ancient are the adjectives that people often talk about secret coffee shops in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. People call them secret because you will have to step into a mysterious lane and step by step on the old stairs before entering the classic space of those coffee shops that are near Hoan Kiem Lake. Let me introduce those for you below. 

1, Quan Dinh Coffee

Quan Dinh
Address: No. 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi
One of the lakeside coffee to drop out of sight to Hoan Kiem Lake is perhaps Quan Dinh coffee shop. It is popular because it has a balcony facing the lake and the space is very special and wonderful. 
For the Hanoi people, it probably does not need to introduce more about Dinh coffee. This coffee shop is small, only about 20m2 wide but any winter or summer, morning or evening, it always crowded, mainly pupils, students, and art enthusiasts.
The old-fashioned, moss-covered walls or the rustic balcony of this ancient coffee shop is the difference and makes many people be impressive. Perhaps, this is the place where people's memory is stored when coming here. 
The monsoon day, sitting in the Street view and holding coffee cups to enjoy the warm air is extremely interesting or you can sit next to some old friends to talk with each other. 

2, Sketch coffee

Sketch coffee
Address: Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi
Sketch coffee is located at the corner of the intersection between Dinh Tien Hoang Street and Hoan Kiem Lake, right next to the Thang Long Puppet Theater. It is very recognizable because it has a very large and clear sign on the outside of the road.
Sketch coffee has a relatively small space but decorated with impressive style and artistic intensity because it was designed by a group of young students of the School of Architecture. The most expensive point of the coffee shop is located on the balcony in front of the place, where guests can look out of the whole Hoan Kiem lake. Sometimes, you can listen to the bell of Puppet Theater. 
The sketch is considered one of the best view of the restaurant around the lake that you consider to visit once. 

3, Bottom's up

Bottom's up
Address: Luong Van Can crossroad, Hanoi
The shop is decorated in modern style, youthful, stretching through 3 floors. The area is quite modest but the highlight is in the balcony located in many directions, down the busy streets of the Old Square. These positions are often crowded early before evening. So, you do not hesitate to visit earlier to experience the atmosphere here. 
The top floor has the most beautiful view. Moreover, 3 sides have no walls so it is very cool. Located at the corner of the intersection so from here, you can see the surrounding streets and part of Hoan Kiem Lake.

4, Pho Co coffee

Pho Co coffee
Address: No. 46 Hang Trong Street, Hanoi
The entrance to the coffee shop is a small alley between the souvenir shop near Hoan Kiem lake. The alley is very small and dark but when you go into it, you can see the coffee shop with ancient space that is different from the outside air. Enter the yard of the old house and then go along the steps and you will go to the terrace with the most beautiful view in Hanoi.
You can choose the space on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Although the coffee shop is quite old with a common table and the menu is not rich, this is a romantic dating area and you can also see fireworks in Hanoi. Especially, when coming here in winter, do not forget to order a cup of aromatic egg coffee.

5, L'etage cafe

L'etage cafe
Address: No.9A Hang Khay Street, Hanoi
L'etage Cafe in French means "cafe upstairs", just like the location of the coffee shop now. This small coffee shop is located on the second floor of an ancient villa which is near the international brand image. Frankly, it has the bold mark in mind for many generations in Hanoi.  
like other coffee shops along the lake, this shop also has a modest area but sophisticated design and more artistic.
The balcony at L'etage cafe is always the place that attracts many tourists' attention. From here, you can look down a corner of Hoan Kiem Lake with a slower pace, more peaceful. 
Try visiting one of these great coffee shops to see a small and unique Hanoi from above.

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