Quang Nam

Quang Nam is a coastal province in the South Central of Vietnam. There is 125 km of white sand beach, sunshine, many beaches with beautiful scenery famous, Forbes magazine voted as one of the most beautiful beaches of the planet should be convenient to develop tourism Quang Nam with all kinds ecotourism, resort.

My Son Sanctuary
Coming to Quang Nam, it is sure that tourists visit Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary which are World Heritages in Vietnam. However, there are other interesting places for visitors in Quang Nam.
Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam
The first site for tourists is Grang waterfall. It is in Ta Bhing commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province. The waterfall is made up of 3 small waterfalls, but perhaps the most beautiful is still waterfall number 3 with a height up to 30 m distance. Water flows down rushing, scour over the slabs covered with green moss, white foam dash, tree king, sensual sensation floating between thousands of deep green.
Grang waterfall
Welcome to the tourist site of Hoi An Waterfall is the bubbling fog, white as a white mist to create the fanciful, cool water to cool, dispel the heat and tiredness.

Not only beautiful scenery but Grang waterfall is also a place to bring a very interesting game but requires the courage of visitors, from a height of 10 m visitors can play acrobatics, tossing In the water beside the cheering of friends, relatives or can also relax by fishing, swimming in the cool water. If you are skilled in fishing, visitors will enjoy attractive meals with grilled fish with vegetables, boiled bamboo shoots, salted peppers in the streams, lakes in the area of the waterfall.
Khe Lim
Another place in Quang Nam is Khe Lim. Khe Lim is located in Dai Hong commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province, about 20km southwest of Ai Nghia town. In the scenery in Quang Nam, Lim slots are classified in the list of beautiful places to explore.

Looking back, Khe Lim glimpsed a white silk strip at the top of the green mountain. From above the water rushed down and chased each other through the large boulders flowing downstream, on the way to the water has eroded the cliff to create the creepy bunk full of monsters. It is said that the originality of Lim slit is primitive but also full of mystery. It is not just the thick forest canopy covering the two streams or the thousands of large stones like the huge eggs lying rolling but also the mystery that exists in each wind blowing through the leaves and birds singing Lost in the middle of the lunch.

Beautiful Limerick is not only the water from the sky but also the whole panorama of it. On the banks of the streams are the pristine forests, abundant vegetation, and the rich green abyss, all year round, there are many flowers, orchids scattered the scent, the HIO-HIU horn in the south, making up. a beautiful romantic dream.

Exploring Quang Nam, tourists are unable to skip Giang Thom Hole. It is about 7km to the west of Nui Thanh town, located in the hamlet of Hamlet 9, Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. The waterfall and mountain scenery are very beautiful and wild. Giang Thom Waterfall has made many visitors love the challenge and adventure to discover and learn.

Come to Giang Thom Waterfall you will be surprised by the natural scenery of this beautiful place. There are the vibrant sounds of waterfalls and streams and the enchanting scenery of the black cliffs that sank again in succession. On the far side are the falls of the headwaters flowing into the white foam.

In the distance, the headwaters flow down the rocks to create beautiful waterfalls. Those who love to feel strong can climb the undulating rock to conquer the high waterfalls. Upstream of the stream, a quite calm lake appears as peaceful as inviting, as close to those who are looking for a calm and elegant environment of wilderness.

Visiting Quang Nam, one of the things travelers have to do is to spend time learning more about the culture of Quang. They are surprised by the cultural diversity in the land. Furthermore, tourists also visit some traditional village and try some special dishes here.

Quang Nam, with all the advantages that can make you feel "restless" want to visit immediately, such as a pristine, magnificent land of land not printed many footprints of tourists, accompanied with its very own cultural colors and delectable Central Asian cuisine. In the future, this will be one of the hottest destinations for adventure lovers.

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