Activities On Mekong River You Have Never Heard Of

Beyond sightseeing on luxury Cruises, a trip to Mekong River also offers you a wide range of activities that will be able to make your trip more and more meaningful and memorable including visiting local fruit gardens, ploughing with buffalos or watching the most endangered species. The top activities you might have never heard of are listed below.

Watching Irrawaddy Dolphins

Not so many tourists know that Mekong is home to one of the rarest and most endangered species in the world – the Irrawaddy Dolphin.

The Dolphins look quite different from other popular of its kind with an oval head, long flexible neck, and a small triangular dorsal fin with a blunt tip. The Irrawaddy dolphins are mostly shy of boats and people. They can only be recognized when spyhopping on the water’s surface or splitting water from their mouths, which causes their overhunting in the past. They are normally found in groups of 2-3 individuals and really helpful for local people on Mekong River as they drive fishes into fishermen’s nest. As a result, nest fishing also does harm to the population of Irrawaddy dolphin.

Cruising on Mekong river, you will have a chance to admire these beautiful creature and take some priceless photos or you will never find any them in the wild apart from Mekong river.

Floating Hotels in Mekong Delta

Beyond Luxury Mekong river cruises, floating hotels will be a unique choice for those who want to experience the daily life of local people in Mekong delta.

This is a good spot for you to approach the local lifestyle of Mekong Delta people, which situated among groups of local fishermen’s houses and their boats, witness nice view of the river and easily pay a visit to floating markets in the early morning.

The floating hotel also goes with essential modern facilities and equipment, which will not disappoint you.

Visiting tropical fruit gardens

Mekong delta is home to the best tropical fruits in Vietnam. Cruising on Mekong Delta will offer you the opportunity to visit one of the best fruit gardens in your Vietnam private tours.

Once arriving there, you will be able to not only observe the process of growing, watering, collecting fruits by friendly local farmers but also enjoy them right away. This is also a good chance to learn more about unique customs and culture of Mekong Delta’s farmers.

Experiencing farming in Laos

This is considered as one of the most interesting activities to do for tourists who want to discover the agriculture in Laos on a Mekong River cruise.
During the visit, visitors will have chance to communicate with the locals, learn how to do many unique farming methods that have never been revealed such as ploughing with buffalos, sowing the seeds and watering the crops etc.


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