Top Places to See in Chau Doc – Mekong Delta

Featured as a relaxing stopover of Saigon to Siem Reap Cruises, Chau Doc is an ideal destination to both discover a rich culture of Vietnamese people and explore various interesting spots lying on Mekong River basin. If you are thinking of a trip to this peaceful province, then you should have a look at my suggestion of top places to see here.

Tay An Pagoda
Located at the heart of Chau Doc city, Tay An pagoda is not only a charming tourist attraction but also an important spiritual site. Recognized as National Architectural Site, the pagoda is famous for its unique design and beautiful characteristics. 

Floating village
Floating village will be one of your highlight in your expedition in Chau Doc and Southern Vietnam. Visiting the village, you will be amazed of the possibility that the houses of local people is floating on by thousands of gathering boats of local people. They sell and trade food, drink, vegetables, flowers and countryside’s specialties. The tour will also offer you the opportunity to observe the daily activities of family in Chau Doc and understand the relationship between members of the family.

Thoai Ngoc Hau Temple
The Thoai Ngoc Hau Temple of Vinh Te District is one of many relic sites under Sam Mountain. This temple was built to worship Lord Thoai Ngoc Hau and his two Ladies during the 30s of the 20th Century.

Sam Mountain
At an elevation of 284 meters, Sam Mountain is an ideal place for tourist to admire the panorama of South Vietnam Border. Once driving to the top of Sam Mountain, you will have a chance to not only comfortably sightsee but also visit some famous two-century-year-old pagodas to learn more about religion as well as development of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Vinh Te Canal
Vinh Te, which was first constructed in 1819, was the biggest canal in Vietnam’s war time. Visiting the canal, you will have a chance to extend your knowledge about the relationship between Vietnam and Cambodia at the time the canal was being built as well as its mysterious history between the two countries.

Tra Su Forest 
If you are a wildlife lover, then paying a visit to Tra Su forest is a must. Located about 20 km from Chau Doc, the forest covers a huge area of 850ha with a extremely rich biodiversity. Once took part in the tour to Tra Su, you will be able to observe a lively Wildlife scene of thousands of species such as storks, herons, bats, turtles, snakes etc. You can also have many photo chances while passing by unique bamboo-cane houses of the locals.

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