Top 5 Things to Do in Hue

Located in Central Vietnam, Hue city is widely famous for its tranquil beauty, long-term cultural tradition, friendly people and a wide range of famous architectural and historical structures. Today, we would like to suggest to you 5 things to do in Hue when you have chance to visit this charming city.

1. Visit the Imperial Citadel
Located in the heart of the romantic Hue city, Hue Imperial City, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Vietnam, will simply be the first attraction to see whenever you set foot in this city. Hue Imperial City is an incredibly huge complex covering an area of over 520ha – 100 times larger than Temple of Literature in Hanoi, which consists of 3 main segments: Hue Capital Citadel, Royal Citadel and Forbidden Citadel together with a lot of other parts including Royal park, wooden corridors, royal schools, etc. Visiting the complex, you will have to spend at least 3 hours walking to see most of the ancient structures, besides, you can take electric cars to transfer from one citadel to another as well to save your time and energy. Once entering inside this massive complex, you will be able to discover almost every corner of it, take photos (depending on each spot), or you can learn more about all functions, names and information about the complex by watching a short 3D architectural visualizing film with subtitles. The Imperial Citadel trip will offer you an opportunity to admire such a giant architectural masterpiece of Vietnam to be able to have an overview of Vietnamese Emperors’ luxurious life in the past and understand more about Vietnamese history.

Things to do in Hue

2. Go to some Imperial tombs
Along with The Imperial City, Emperor’s Tombs are also the must-see spots for domestic and international tourists among their Vietnam excursions. Located along the Perfume River bank, these Imperial tombs are surrounded by idyllic landscape of Hue City, which really makes visitors feel so peaceful and comfortable. There are many Imperial tombs in Hue, but the most outstanding ones must be Nguyen Dynasty’s including Gia Long, Tu Duc, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Dong Khanh, Duc Duc, Khai Dinh. They were all built for 2 main functions: playground and final resting-place for the Emperors. The tombs were built in Classic Royal Architecture with beautiful vignette of sacred icons and animals like dragons, turtles, phoenixes etc, which will sure definitely delight every art lovers.

Things to do in Hue 2

3. Visit Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda, considered as the very first pagoda as well as the symbol of Hue, is widely well-known for its harmonious architecture and its ancient beauty. Visiting the pagoda, you will be amazed by its picturesque appearance – a sacred Buddhist pagoda surrounded by stunning mountains and the dreamy Perfume River. Besides, there are also spectacular ancient exhibits inside the pagoda including Buddha statues, giant bronze bells and other gems dating back to centuries ago, which helps you understand more about the history as well as the development of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Things to do in Hue 3
4. Cruising on Perfume River
Being one of the greatest inspirations for poets and musicians in Vietnam, Perfume River plays an important role to economic & cultural development, climate and the life of Hue people. Once cruising on Perfume River, you will have a chance to relax on Dragon Boats (traditional symbol of the city), enjoy cool breezes and fresh air and observe the daily life of local people on both sides of the river. You can also listen to Hue’s traditional folk songs and dances perform by skillful professional artists on the boat. Besides, cruising on Perfume River at night to enjoy the beauty of Hue will sure be the  most romantic highlight for couples, especially those who are on their Vietnam honeymoon holidays.

Things to do in Hue 4

5. Take a bike ride through the countryside
Nothing is better than taking a bike trip in the outskirt of Hue city. Indeed, during the trip, you will be able to admire the idyllic landscape of a true Vietnamese countryside with immense rice paddies and peaceful village. Some local markets can be found in the biking route, which gives you a chance to experience shopping like a Vietnamese and tasting local specialties. 

Things to do in Hue 5

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