Oh, No! You Can't Ring All Your Shoes With You to Travel! What Ever Will You Do?!

While flight prices continue to get lower and lower, airlines are starting to take away more and more items which used to be considered as standard. One of these previously expected services is checked baggage. Nowadays it can seem like a thing of the past to ever receive a checked bag for free.

Each time that you hear this, you likely think that you can never take advantage of the deals simply because you can’t think of a way to get all of your shoes into a carry-on bag. Well, while there isn’t much that an article can do to expand your bag, below are some tips to help you choose the right shoes to take on the right adventure.

Heading Into Rain?

If you like to take advantage of the sales during the off-season period then you are likely no stranger to taking a vacation in the rain. If you have taken one of these trips before then you know just how much a vacation in wet weather can actually be.

If this is your destination and you’re restricted to carry on, here’s all you need to pack:

● 1 pair of good quality hiking boots
● 1 pair of sneakers
● 1 pair of dress shoes

That’s it! Three pairs of footwear are all you need to pack for a weekend or a few days away in a wet or tropical environment.
The reason why you don’t need a selection of sneakers if because you will be wearing your hiking boots for the majority of the time you will be there, so save the space by just packing one pair.

The Tropics

Similar to a wet weather country, tropical environments not only have a lot of moisture in the air but a lot of moisture also tends to accumulate on the ground, making forest walks a potentially dangerous experience. For this reason, pack the following:

● 1 pair of non-slip/extra-grip hiking boots
● 1 pair of sneakers
● 1 pair of dress shoes
Again you will notice that there are only three pairs of shoes on this list, however, it’s important to note that the hiking boot requirement has changed. If you don’t have boots which are slip-resistant, check the Groupon Coupons page for ALDO before your trip and get yourself a pair of good quality hiking boots.

A (Hopefully) Soft Landing!

With winter quickly making its way closer and closer, you may be tempted to take advantage of short getaway trips to the snow where you can ski, snowboard, or just fall over! For this, consider packing the following:

● Snow boots (regular boots with snow grips on the bottom)
● 1 pair of good quality sneakers
● 1 pair of dress shoes
Again with the three pairs of shoes, but again, the list is slightly different.Given the terrain you will be walking on, regular hiking boots aren’t going to cut it. Be sure that you wear something purpose designed for the snow and for the icy roads you need to walk on to get there.
Just because you can’t take every pair of shoes you own doesn't mean that the world is going to end, it just means a slightly less selection to choose from. Not a bad trade-off for the cheap flights you are likely to obtain because of it.

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