Long Son Island – The Unique Food Paradise in Vung Tau

Becoming famous in recent times, Long Son Island was dubbed the culinary paradise of Vung Tau. To Long Son, visitors will enjoy a variety of fresh attractive, delicious seafood with a very low price.

About Long Son Island

Long Son Island is an island commune in Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. This is the only suburban island of Vung Tau. Long Son Island is connected to Ba Ria town by Ba Nanh bridge. By road, Long Son is located about 12km southwest of downtown Vung Tau and about 100km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Recently, Long Son became a new tourist destination famous Vung Tau and cause "fever", attracting many tourists especially with the community lovers.

Long Son island commune has a total area of about 92 km2, of which land area is 54 km2, the remaining area is salt land. The Long Son East borders the Dinh River, Tan Hai District (Tan Thanh District) to the north, and the sea to the south and the west. Long Son island commune is almost surrounded by sea, river and canals. Long Son consists of two islands. A large island located along the bottom of Phuoc Hoa mountain slope to the sea. A small island called Go Gang Island. Long Son Island has 11 villages. The population is over 13,000 people.

Long Son people mainly live by fishing and aquaculture. Long Son is famous for its strong oyster farming and fish farming in rafts on Cha Va River. In recent years, Long Son began to exploit tourism, open for tourists to visit and enjoy seafood in the village.

Things to do in Long Son

Visiting Ong Tran Temple

The Ong Tran Temple or Long Son Great House is one of the largest cultural and religious architectural complexes in Long Son. Not only serves as a place of worship for religious followers of the Tran Dynasty, the temple is also a popular tourist destination in Vung Tau - Long Son.

Temple of Ong Tran worshiping Tran - who was important in the development of the former Long Son island commune. Mr. Tran’s real name is Le Van Muu. He is a follower of Tu An Hieu Nghia religion, originating from That Son (An Giang). In 1900, Mr. Tran and his 20 disciples came to Long Son Island for land reclamation, settlement and evangelism. Some time after the mining, Long Son Island has turned from a desert island into a green, rich, resonate land. Gradually, the people of Long Son settled down to settle in Long Son and prayed to follow the direction of Tran, thus forming a developed island society today.

The architecture of Tran Temple is extremely impressive and distinctive with its blend of local religious symbols and Taoist and Confucian architectural styles. This place is a complex of architectural houses, lights, markets, temples ... Along with a number of places such as Little Mountain, Big Mountain, Shakyamuni Buddha, Ho May ... Tran Temple is also one of the attractions of Vung Tau.

Enjoy fresh seafood dishes

Long Son is like "land of seafood". To Long Son, visitors move to Ben Stone to go to the village boat. Long Son Street Food District sells many seafood dishes from fresh to processed. Guests can choose prepared food or directly choose seafood caught in the raft and then people processing.

Among the dishes in the dining area of Long Son street, the most famous are oysters. The oysters here are very fresh, caught directly by the people in the rafts. With oysters, visitors can enjoy live oysters, grilled oysters, chesses oysters, oysters soup...

Besides, Long Son also has many kinds of aquatic products such as crabs, , shrimps, squid species of snails, fish... These types of seafood are processed in a variety of forms depending on the characteristics of each type such as tamarind, steamed lemongrass, steamed onion, grilled with onion, grilled with cheese ... Seafood in the food court Long Son street is considered by many to be very fresh and delicious, the price is very reasonable, much cheaper than downtown Vung Tau.

Hope this article will be a good suggestion for visitors with a new discovery in Vung Tau. Wish you a great trip to Vung Tau - Long Son.

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