Ho May Resort – The Paradise of Cloud and Ocean

Dubbed the "Miniature Ba Na " version of the South, Vung Tau - Ho May Resort is considered an attractive place not to be missed. Explore Ho May, visitors not only enjoy the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery but also can participate in many exciting recreational activities, enjoy delicious food and learn some special features in beliefs, folklore of Vietnam.

About the Ho May Resort

Ho May resort is a complex tourist resort, which includes recreation and entertainment located on Big Mountain (or Mount Tuong Ky). Along with the Little Mountain, Big Mountain is one of the two most beautiful mountains in Vung Tau and is located in the heart of the city. From Ho Chi Minh City, move to Vung Tau City or Ho Chi Minh City on Big Mountain about 120km to the northeast.

Ho May is one of the tourist attractions of Vung Tau attracts many tourists to visit every year. As a complex tourist resort, Ho May develops and extends a wide range of different types of tourism such as ecotourism, resort, entertainment area, cultural and belief zone, cultural area Space, historical relics ... With an area of nearly 1 hectare, prominent highlights of the Ho May Resort is the Cloud Lake, holds the record lake artificial lake on the first and only in Vietnam.

To travel to Ho May Resort, travelers will travel by cable car. Taking the cable car is also considered one of the best experiences when coming to Ho May Resort. Because from the cable car cabins, visitors can admire the beauty of a long coastal Vung Tau curved from the beach to the front yard. The ticket price of Ho May Vung Tau tourist resort is 300.000VND (12 USD) / person / visit. Ticket prices include the cost of two way cable car and the cost of entertainment package visit to Ho May.

What to see in Ho May?


Ho May resort has a rich flora and fauna, suitable for ecotourism. Ho May has Tien mountain about 270 meters above sea level, cool air, often windy. As the name suggests, Tien Mountain has the color of a "place to fight the scene," which is considered as the intersection of land and sky. Similar to the Hill of Pigs - a beautiful scenic spot in Vung Tau, but Tien mountain scene is more romantic. On Mount Tien, there is a bungalow, which is a space reserved for those who wish to meditate or practice yoga. In addition to Mount Tien, Ho May Resort also has a zoo for visitors to visit, including porcupines, horses, ostriches.


Coming to Ho May Resort, you can enjoy the cool water, join the game in the water park. The feeling of waving in the region, enjoying the fun in the largest mountain swimming pool in Vietnam is sure to make visitors do not get excited. This is probably why Ho May is always a prominent destination in Vung Tau tours. In addition to the water park, Ho May also has 5D Cinema, sports racing area, sand playground, artificial climbing area, horseback riding club, mega bounce, zipline, circus - magic ... many other unique games.

Religious culture - spirituality

Ho May tourism, visitors can visit many religious and spiritual architecture. In particular, the Ho May temple is a prominent temple in the Buddhist architecture system of the resort. The Ho May Buddhist temple is famous with the relic from Myanmar. Outside the main hall is the white Buddha statue, 30m high. In Vung Tau there are two statues of Buddhists attract many visitors to visit, the most visit is the statue of Maitreya Buddha on the Lake and the Buddha statue. To find out more about the Shakyamuni Buddha, visitors can see the article "Shakyamuni Buddha  temple- symbol of tourism Vung Tau over half a century." 

Folk culture

One of the interesting experiences at the Ho May Resort is that visitors can explore and participate in folk games such as chicken fighting, ... and visit folk cultural spaces associated with many fairy tales such as "Thach Sanh ", Tam, Cuoi and the moon story…

Along with the attractive places, Ho May Resort also has a system of resorts, restaurants, cafes ... Vung Tau tourism - Ho May resort promises to bring visitors the most wonderful experience in the paradise. 

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