Find The Peace in Phan Dung Highland

Phan Dung is a highland ethnic community where ethnic Raglay people live, also where you can drop the adventure to see the beautiful beauty of this region.

Phan Dung commune is 28 km northwest of Lien Huong town (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province). Follow Ho Chi Minh City - Lien Huong route, to the intersection of Lien Huong you turn left to follow the road to the village of Phan Dung.

From here, we will go through Phu Lac commune where Brahmin Cham people live, followed by Phong Phu commune with immense fields. Then there is the pass through the elbow pass, the cliff side is a side of the deep pool.

Those who first go on this road will probably have an exciting experience. And those who are used to the bends of the bends, let the soul in the clouds, wind water, flowers along the road. All enough to "throw away the burden to live happily."

Rainy season, lush vegetation, juvenile lake. But from December to May next year is the dry season, this is the most dry land in the country.

At that time, the scenery along the fiber line, the bottom of the river bottom dry river, the hill in the barren rocks.

Heaven and earth revolve, and here it is. Plants after buckling through the dry season, leaves have fallen out and when the weather is preparing to spring, the sprouts shoots.

At this time we can enjoy the rare days of flowers into pristine bloom.

Come to Phan Dung, you should enjoy every moment of the day, to see the interesting things of nature here.

Take a glimpse of the dawn on the mountains or the sunset below the trees and fields. Walk through the village road every afternoon, to feel the peace.

Sit under a tree in the midday sun to see what is an abundance of sunshine, and to understand why my skin is tan, my face is black.

People here are honest, plain. When they believe in love, they love it very much, and when they lose faith once, this land will have no place to love.

The people here are poor. Wrinkles, sunburned skin, bare feet, innocent eyes - all easy to make people fall in love. So what are you waiting for? Make a 2-day 1-night tour to enjoy the so-called tranquility.


- Morning: Experience through steep slopes, spoiled for taking pictures of mountains, rivers and lakes.

- Noon: Go to the forest to play, down the stream.

- Afternoon: Cross the road, chat with people Raglay. Find the East (home near the medical station) to hear the Chapi.

- Evening: Fire, singing, barbecue and make a few cups of love. If I like and have heart I am willing to lend to the yard that singing, eating, and then go to sleep without worry.

Next morning wake up very early to welcome the dawn up the mountain.


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