Explore Vung Tau in The Evening

Regarding the ideal tourist destinations, apart from Sa Pa, Da Nang, Hue, Da Lat, we can not miss Vung Tau. The port city with its romantic coastline is sure to be an interesting stopover for visitors. Especially, the shimmering, brilliant, romantic beauty of Vung Tau at night will make visitors overwhelmed.

Pictures of Vung Tau at night

If in daytime, Vung Tau bearing the dynamic appearance of a port city, then at night, Vung Tau is so peaceful and strange. The night in Vung Tau is not too noisy, busy as Saigon, Hanoi, also not as quiet as Hoi An, Da Lat. Vung Tau night is a peaceful, gentle but not "lonely".

Vung Tau is extremely beautiful at night! As the sun descends the mountain, the lights are simultaneously lit, standing on high overlooking the city flooded in the bright colors of the light. This is definitely a beautiful moment for the "paparazzi". Besides, visitors can go to destinations such as Front Beach, Bai Sau to experience a very strange night sea pictures. Noisy, crowded sea of Vung Tau night only left the silent sand and the waves lull the shore lightly. The farther and farther the distance the boats are off the coast. Somewhere there are travelers wandering the coast to enjoy the fresh and quiet atmosphere.

Guests can also climb the Little Lighthouse to see the city from above. On this legendary lighthouse, visitors will be able to see the whole city. Not to mention, there is also an ultra-stylish café with a great "view" range. Space is very suitable for tourists to talk and see. Wandering around the city with friends on a double bicycle is also an experience that should not be missed when traveling to Vung Tau.

Vung Tau tourism at night can also choose a corner in the cafes or bars. These are great spaces for taking nice photos or simply relaxing and enjoying the city's nightlife.

Very attractive food at night in Vung Tau

Not only scoring points with pictures of tourist destinations Vung Tau as beautiful as the dream, this city also has many attractive delicacies that visitors should not miss. Especially "wandering" in the city in the evening, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many specialties of the port country.

Seafood is a very typical dish that visitors must try when coming to Vung Tau. Enjoying the fresh seafood and feeling the fresh breeze from the sea blowing in, nothing is perfect. Vung Tau seafood is not only fresh but also extremely varied. Visitors can choose according to their preferences.

Enjoying a bowl of oysters at night late is also a great idea for visitors. Porridge oysters in Vung Tau is famous, no doubt. The delicious taste, attractive extremely nutritious flavour will make visitors fall in love.

Or after hours exploring the city of Vung Tau at night, visitors can gather by a stingray hot pot. This is one of the specialties of the coastal city. Guests can enjoy the delicious, fatty taste of the stingray fish hot pot talk is fun. It will quickly dissipate the tired feeling of visitors and add new energy to explore the beauty of Vung Tau.

Vung Tau City also has extremely delicious snacks that travelers should not miss such as pancakes, salted eggshells, raisins or tea. Guests can go to the famous nightlife in this port as Do Chieu, Le Lai ... Here you can satisfy your choice of favorite dishes at an unexpectedly cheap price. In addition, the vibrant atmosphere along with the service attitude of the shopkeeper will make visitors feel very excited.

To dispel the fatigue of life and find new ideas and energies - traveling is a great suggestion. And Vung Tau is one of the exciting destinations that travelers should not miss. The beautiful beaches, vibrant with great destinations such as Da Xanh lake, Coc lake, Nghinh Phong cape, Little mountain, Big Mountain in Vung Tau will surely make visitors feel good and interesting.

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