Enjoying The Breath – Taking Sunset in 3 Pagoda in Myanmar

Preserving traditional values and featuring modern significances of the integration, Myanmar has attracted a significant number of tourists within and outside the region over the past few years. And,  Bangan is totally worth raking top “must – visit” destination during your visit to this friendly and hospitable country. Interestingly, this ancient city has been named “thousand -  pagoda” land that possesses more than 2,500 Buddhist works. More importantly, almost all tourists consider watching the sunset in the marvelous Bagan city as one of the “worthy – trying” experiences. Thus, you might definitely guess the “attraction” of that scenery.

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture of Myanmar has prohibited visitors to Bagan from climbing up to ancient pagodas to hold panoramic views of the ancient city for any reason since March 1, 2016. Fortunately, the ban did not mention 5 pagodas including  Pyathatgyi, Shwandandaw, South Guni, North Guni, and Thitsar Wadi. Therefore, if you travel Myanmar, you should definitely make a visit to these pagodas to admire the charming sunset at the amazing city. It surely provides you with unforgettable experiences and “one – all – all – kind” pictures to “show off” to your friends.

Pyathatgyi Pagoda

Pyathatgyihay Pyathadar Pagoda is known as a double-cave relic that has not been popular with tourists outside the country.  The pagoda is quite far from others and conserves its pristine features and impressive majesty. This pagoda is ranked top unique and magnificent Buddhist architecture built at the end of the Pagan dynasty in Bagan.

Shwesandaw Pagoda

Built under the reign of King Anawrahta in 1057, Shwesandaw Pagoda is the custodian and curator of one of eight strands of hair of the Budha brought back from India. The pagoda surely grasp tourist’s attention of the unique structure at the shape of an Indian pyramid featuring 4 sides, 5 floors and a bell – shaped tower at the top. Tourists definitely climb brick-made stairs to reach the pagoda. Although they are quite steep and narrow, they still ensure the safety of visitors thanks to the iron fence on the right that they can lean on when climbing. 

Nestled in a hill right in the heart of Prome, Shwesandaw Pagoda enables tourists to greet the panorama of the whole city, majestic mountains, and watch the charming sunset at the same time. Moreover, you have a chance to indulge yourself into the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the sacred pagoda. How amazing!

Thitsa Wadi Pagoda

Being a beautiful temple with a long history, the sacred Thisa Wadi Pagoda has been intertwined with the spiritual life of the Myanmar in general and local residents in the ancient Bangan capital in particular.  The pagoda was constructed in 1287 BC.  Watching the charming sunset in this pagoga, tourists also have a chance to admire the golden tower named Dhammayazika. The sparkling space combining with the golden rays of sunshine in the late afternoon creates a “heart – melting” scenery.  Thus, it promises to mesmerize all tourists right they step onto the entrance of the pagoda. If you bring camera with you, don’t forget to grasp that breath – taking scene to “enrich” your experiences to the friendly Myanmar.

Because Thitsa Wadi remains “ unspoiled”, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city, setting aside all worries and concerns in life, and more importantly indulging themselves into the tranquility and peace of the holy pagoda. 

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