Visit Wat Suwan Kuha – The Famous Cave Temple in Thailand

Wat Suwan Kuha is regarded as one of the famous attractions in Thailand with quite unique characteristics. At home, people call Wat Suwan Kuha with the dear name Cave Pagoda. According to its name, the temple is located in a rather large cave.

Wat Suwan Kuha is part of a complex of caves with names like Tam Yai, Meud Tam, Jaeng Tam and Kaew Tam. Tam Yai is the cave that occupies the largest area (about 80 m2) located at the entrance to the pagoda. Wat Suwan Kuha is located in a landscaped limestone karst called Lai Kram and Benjarong. These two types of bricks are typical Thai decorative tiles.

Wat Suwan Kuha is located in a limestone area decorated with bricks called Lai Kram and Benjarong. Two types of bricks used in typical Thai decoration.

When visiting Wat Suwan Kuha visit, the first impression for visitors is the landscape is quite rocky mountain. The limestone mountains leading to the cave entrance just inside the mountain brings a sense of tranquility. Large space of rocky mountains, trees bring peace of mind by bringing visitors to quiet Wat Suwan Kuha.

Here are some Buddha statues, especially the 15-meter long Buddha statue is extremely impressive. Statue of Buddha lying 15 m long with a calm, calm face to help visitors feel secure and comfortable.
Visitors to Wat Suwan Kuha, regardless of age, come here with their minds directed at Buddha's realm. People sincerely beg for peace for relatives, families, find a sense of tranquility for the soul. Someone also find the door to the Buddha as a spiritual moment to return them to equilibrium.

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