Top 3 Attractions and Things to Do in Manila


One of the most common questions that almost all tourists hear during their trip to the Philippines is: "Kumain ka na?" (Have you eat something ?). You might definitely find it « strange », but, actually, eating plays an essential role in lives and culture of Filippino.

As a result, you have a chance to enjoy a variety of tasteful and fragrant local dishes when traveling Manila, namely Chicaron – Filippino fried meat recipe, Isaw - Filippino grilled chicken recipe, Taho – Filippino tofu sauce recipe, and fried chicken’s rump steak.

Almost all Filippino foods feature « eyes – catching » colors such as red of curry, yellow of turmeric, and orange of cashew. Significantly, most dishes are accompanied by a ton of ingredients and spices because the natives do not prefer vegetables. Moreover, the culinary distinguishing characteristics of foods are that they are not spicy but tourists may ask the chief to add spicy ingredients into their dishes if they want.

In addition to luxury restaurants, street vendors in Manila also attract a significant number of locals and tourists thanks to special cooking techniques.

Generally, Manila’s food, which mostly originates from other regions, it still captures the attention of tourists because they process all dishes by their own cooking recipe, make it become their local specialties. Therefore, if you are a big fan of food, particularly a « foodaholic », you should definitely give Manila’s foods a try. They promise to stir up your appetite with the mouthful.


For years, most people has considered Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia as best shopping destinations in Southeast Asia. They accidentally missed Manila, the best shopping city featuring the leading bustling shopping malls in Asia. Being considered as the heart and soul of the Philippines economy, culture and tourism, Manila offers all kinds of goods, from luxury fashion brands in the world to national ordinary fashion brands, etc.

Even with a population of only approximately 500,000 people and an area of 21.57 square kilometers, the city of Makati goes in the list of the top 8 busiest cities in the Philippines. Being the center of commerce and numerous business district and establishment including hotels, bars and condominiums, Makati City is home to most professionals and tourists alike. The city provides a chain of shopping centers, offering clothes, crafts, household appliances, etc. Interestingly, these shopping malls are connected by stairs, so shoppers could definitely go around them without having to go outside.

And if you want to buy luxury products of the world’s famous brands such as Cartier, Dunhill, Tiffany, Lalique, you might drop by to Rustan's shopping mall. Additionally, you could stroll around Park Square to admire, choose, and buy souvenirs, electronics, and tapes.

Moreover, you certainly make a visit to Quiabo night market to explore and buy exquisite handicrafts made by Phillippines craftsmen. It’s worth mentioning that, Chinatown, the Philippine also goes in the list of top « must – visit » tourist attractions in Manila, in particular, and in Philippine, in particular. In addition to jewelry and clothing, China Town offers « eyes – catching » pictures, postcards and sculptures carving images of the Philippines.

Intramuros Citadel

Intramuros District of Manila is one of the most « must – visit » tourist attractions in Manila. As the name would suggest, Intramuros in Filipino means "within the wall". The historical walled city was built by the Spanish for the purpose of dominating the island nation.

Although devastated by World War II, Intramuros wall city has been preserved and conserved rugged rocky streets and old houses of Spanish architectural styles. If you visit Intramuros, I suggest you get there on Sunday to immerse yourself in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, in which you might feel as if you were sauntering around an old street of the ancient Europe amid drizzly weather.

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