Take Time to Visit Mai Chau

To avoid the noise of city, we traveled to Lac village in Mai Chau mountainous district, Hoa Binh province. 

If you are interested in the tranquility, quietness and would like to immerse yourself in the space of mountain and forest, Mai Chau is an ideal place for you. It is about 150 from Hanoi. This journey is most suitable for ones who love to try driving through winding passes, enjoy wild natural beauty.

Leaving narrow streets, the heat and the noise, hustle and bustle of the summer in the city, we traveled to Mai Chau to listen to the peaceful countryside song. Not in the season of plum or peach flower, we got to Mai Chau in the early summer to find a totally new emotion: Mai Chau in harvest season. Instead of the white of flower, the whole valley was beautiful with the yellow color of rice. 

Among the majestic mountains, the blue smoke, the working atmosphere of the people was great. From Hanoi, it takes about 4 hours by motorbike along Highway 6 to Mai Chau. Road to Mai Chau is not as dangerous as the roads in Ha Giang or Yen Bai, but there are also many dangerous high slopes, so you should pay attention to safety. After crossing the long way, you will be rewarded with a cool, fresh atmosphere with beautiful natural scenery.

No noisy traffic, Mai Chau welcome us in the light, gentle sunshine. Breathe in the air, listen to the birds chirping, you will feel the freshness of the sky and the peace of life. The local people seem to be too familiar with the visit of tourists, when the camera lens appears, people here are still calm with the routine work.

Security here is very good. You can lock the car, stay on the road and then go sightseeing, take photos. In addition to sightseeing, experiencing the valley in harvest season, outdoor enthusiasts will have the opportunity to join the journey to conquer the mountains. The high majestic mountains are like the challenge of youth, but when reaching the top, the feeling is great. Both the valleys and the jungle fall into your eyes. Take your arms wide, you are like holding the sky.

Unlike other tourist resorts, Mai Chau people are very friendly and they do not cheat tourists. To Mai Chau, you can experience the life of Thai ethnic people, buy brocade items as gifts for your friends and family.

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