Explore Genting Highland – “The City on Clouds” in Malaysia

Located between the states of Pahang and Selangor of beautiful Malaysia, the Genting Highlands is at an altitude of over 2000 meters above sea level, so it has a very cool, fresh climate. All year round whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter elsewhere, this place maintains a temperature of 14 to 25 degrees Celsius, the weather is cold and flower blooms like a paradise. That is why Genting Highlands is known as the " city on clouds" of Malaysia.

With the cool climate, beautiful scenery, every year, many tourists have come to Genting to relax after working hours. It is possible to say that Genting is the ideal resort for everyone, whether couples want to keep happy moments in the honeymoon or families travelling to strengthen the bond…

From Kuala Lumpur, travelers can take the bus to visit the plateau. In the high season, the number of visitors from all over the place is very crowded. To reach the Genting Highlands by cable car, visitors must queue 1 to 2 hours.

Going to Genting Highlands, try the cable car once. Genting cable car is considered as the longest and longest cable car system in Southeast Asia. Stepping off the cable car, the first feeling is the entertainment system, superficial, monumental and extremely attractive. This explains why each year the Genting Highlands attracts millions of foreign tourists from all over the place and brings huge revenue for tourism Malaysia.

Genting Highlands is also known as "Las Vegas of Malaysia" and the strongest attraction of the plateau comes from Malaysian (legitimate) casinos. The casinos are equipped with a huge number of gambling machines, the most modern in the world, with all the games and open 24 hours a day on all days of the week. The strange thing is that these casinos are mostly for foreigners only, because most Malaysians are Muslims, not allowed to gamble.

Come to Genting, tourists can do shopping comfortably, around here are many food and commercial crowded with famous brands such as CK, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes ... to the fast food restaurants such as: KFC, Mc Donald ... You can try your luck at the casino, and ladies and gentlemen can join the modern amusement or shopping. In Genting, there is a great invitation: "Please use the money. We are ready to meet your need”. It shows that this place can meet all needs of services from entertainment to shopping.

And with just $ 19 per room (including breakfast for 2), guests will have the opportunity to view and experience the 3 star hotel First World - world's largest 3-star hotel, with nearly 6,000 rooms.

If you are traveling with children, do not forget to visit Theme Park. Lost in this place children or even adults will be hard to leave because there are too many attractive games. The park is divided into outdoor and indoor recreation areas. At Theme Park, guests can participate in over 50 new ferris wheel styles, roller coaster slider thrills, take part in exploring the sky with tornadoes, or riding the airship into the air, then free fall without gravity.

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the icy garden with snowflakes falling very romantic, or ski, fly as super-human and then turn 180 degrees to roll down the ground, or rowing between the vast lake, sitting on a fairy car with clowns to roam around a panoramic view of Genting Highlands. At night, visitors can go to the central theater to enjoy international concerts and dances.

If you would like to experience the feeling of being a strawberry farmer, and have a good time exploring Genting Highlands, then go to the Strawberry Farm. The strawberry farms here are pretty good, wrapped around the area is a very orange orange mulberry color. Visitors can also visit other camp sites such as Mushroom Farm, Honeybee Farm, colorful miniature Cameron Highlands.

Get away from the farms with fruits or vegetables, visit Chin Swee Temple or Lim Goh Tong Memorial. This place will give visitors many interesting things about the people who make up the beautiful Genting Highlands today and respect their merits. 

And the last destination in Genting's journey is the Chin Swee temple - the most beautiful of Genting, located at an altitude of 1419m, where the famous Chin Swee Buddha statue located.

Coming to Genting Highlands, visitors can comfortably do the shopping, dining in the commercial area, crowded restaurant. This place does not lack a world famous brand from CK, Channel 5, Adidas, Louis Vuitton to fast food stores KFC, McDonald's ...

Going to Malaysia, visiting and having fun in the Genting Highlands always makes you go crazy because there are so many things to experience, enjoy and relax.

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