Top 4 Destinations in Quang Ngai Mesmerizing Backpackers

1. Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island, or also known as Cu Lao Re, is formerly a volcano crater. It has a strong attraction to every one in love of traveling and discovering. Located 40 kilometers away from the coastline, Ly Son Island is not only famous as a ‘garlic-onion kingdom’, but also famous as a pocket tour location.
The island has clear water, which you can see the depth. You will see three distinctive tones: near the shore is the pure color, next is the crystal-blue color layer, and further is the blue-sky tone. It is a fantastic sight that you will wish to jump in, immerse yourself in this cool water.

2. Trang Minh Long Waterfall 

The fall located at Thanh An village, Minh Long district, which is 23 kilometers to the Southwest of Quảng Ngãi city. Surround the fall are the continuous hills and mountains, full of trees’ green color, all create a poetic sight, fresh and tranquil. Thac Trang (or White Fall) is more than 40 meters high. The water stream flows releasing white bubbles with rock cliffs below.

The water pours down to the lake at the bottom of the fall, then flows along with the 20-meter-width stream. The stream flows throughout the valley before joining with other streams. The lake at the fall’s bottom also has many niêng fish (a carp-like fish) which is the specialty favored by travelers.

3. Sa Huynh Salt Field

Sa Huynh Salt Field is famous as it is the largest and most important salt field in Central Vietnam. The field located at Phổ Thạnh village, Đức Phổ district, Quang Ngai province. Every year from March to August, the locals work hard to make Sa Huynh salt valuable.

The sight of Sa Huynh Salt Fields spreading continuously looks like a giant mirror reflecting glorious sunlight. Touched with salt piles along with salt carriages... all create a simple, yet delicate painting.

4. Ba Lang An Cape

Ba Làng An (roughly translated as “The Three An Villages”) is a cape area belongs to Binh Chau village, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. The reason why it has that name due to three villages’ name, all have ‘An’ part at the beginning: An Hải, An Vinh, An Ky. Ba Lang An Cape is a end cape area of My Dong peninsula, which is 22 kilometers to the Northwest of Cu Lao Re. Ba Lang An lighthouse lies at the outmost edge of Ba Làng An Cape. The lighthouse always illuminates, leads the way for ships in Sa Ky port. Looking from Tinh Ky, visitors will see that Ba Lang An is a cape area formed by the sediments of the lava flows along the slope toward the sea. From here, visitors can also see Ly Sơn Island.

This is one of the significant cape areas which form the shape of coastline in Vietnam, and also the closest land to Paracel Islands (or Hoàng Sa Islands in Vietnamese). According to geographical figures, Vietnam is nearest to Hoàng Sa. The closest land to these islands is found out to be Ba Làng An with the distance of 135 nautical miles. Meanwhile, the distance between Hoàng Sa to China is atleast more than 230 nautical miles.

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