The Bagan – The Myterious Land

If you can only choose for yourself a short Myanmar tour to explore, experience Myanmar, head to the former capital of Bagan for the best moments in your life. Bagan has an area of 42 square kilometers, which was the magnificent capital of Myanmar for 230 years. At present, there are only more than 2,000 temples, pagodas, more than half have been destroyed. However, Bagan doesn’t lose the attractiveness

Myanmar is a beautiful country, full of identity, the destination of many travelers. The opportunity to fly to this “country of temple” is very easy. From Vietnam, you can get direct flights to the capital Yangon, with prices ranging from 1.8 to 3.5 million VND (about 86 – 166 USD).

You need at least 2 weeks to fully explore Myanmar. However, not everyone has such a long holiday. If you only have 2-3 days, go to Bagan. The ancient capital will take you from amazement to the other surprises .Bagan in the eyes of visitors is very similar to the land of Africa, with dry sandy barren fields, sometimes there are some big trees or bushes. The most interesting thing in Bagan is the sunrise and sunset in Old Bagan area.

From the early morning, the horse cart rented from the previous night knock on the brick road, making everyone feel strange and interested. Especially, sitting in the horse cart when it is as dark as ink, only hear the cart, the horse, visitors can feel the sacred atmosphere. It feels like we are travelling in the space of the past in the sacred area. Horse carts run about 45 minutes to Tayonke Payay Temple - where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunrise in Bagan. A lot of people of all skin colours wait for the sun until the light hit each corner of each temple. Bagan brightens gloriously and splendidly. 

Guests can also choose a balloon to see Bagan at sunrise and sunset. After dawn, the horse cart will take you around the temple towers. The remnant temple remains the embodiment of Mon architecture. The tower on top is a golden cylinder, placed on three levels of square towers. Next to the oldest Shwezigon temple, Bagan also has the most beautiful Ananda Temple, the highest Thatbyinyu Temple and finally the most monumental Dhamma Yangyi Temple. Ananda Temple is considered to be a remnant of Mon architecture with the finest, strongest and most well preserved among the temples and towers in Bagan. After the 1975 earthquake, the temple was severely damaged, but was later restored.

High above other temples in Bagan is the Thatbyinnyu Temple, built by King Alaungsithu (1113-1163). This is one of the first two-storey temples, but the layout is slightly different from the later spiritual buildings. Dhamma Yangyi is the most magnificent temple with similar architecture to Ananda, built by the Arathu king (1107-1170). Late in the afternoon, when the sunshine starts to fade away, the sun begins to descend, it’s also the time for visitors to go to the Shwesandaw Temple – known as “the temple of sun”. Many visitors choose to stand on the temple to see other temples clearly and beautifully; feel the brezze and imagine how majestically, solemnly and holy ceremony that the ancient people held.

So for a short time and a budget, visitors can still explore and experience the city of Myanmar. Going to Myanmar, especially to Bagan, tourists will live in peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the simple, familiar beauty in Bagan. Come to Bagan to live and feel Bagan in each slow or bustling breath, enjoy the feeling of wandering on horse carts or cycling through temples.

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