Dragon Bridge for Fire and Water - Best Experience in Danang Tour

Traveling around the dynamic Da Nang city at the weekend, tourists should take a visit to Dragon Bridge breathing water and fire. 

To enjoy the performance, you should attend at the Dragon Bridge at 9 p.m ( at the weekend and big holidays). At that time, the bridge is surrounded by both locals and tourists, so you should go there much earlier to find a « nice » spot enabling you to watch the whole performance. Noticeably, the Dragon Bridge puffing fire in two waves by nine times and, later on, water in three waves.

Da Nang City possesses 6 bridges crossing the romantic Han River, in which Dragon Bridge is one of the typical symbols of Danang, has also been listed in top 5 most beautiful bridges in SouthEast Asia and top 30 most impressive bridges in the world. In the morning, the bridge is « calm » and reflected in the surface of the river. In the evening, however, it turns into a « gorgeous » lady because of being embraced by the sparkling light of lights featuring right in the heart of the city.

This weekend performance is successful in grasping the attention of both local residents and tourists who drop by the bridge during the happening.

Bear in mind, you should capture that interesting moment by taking photos and filming. It’ must be one of the most unforgettable experiences during your trip to Da Nang.

Additionally, you might stroll along the banks the romantic Han River, visit the bridge of Love, enjoy Hat Choi performance (the local folk art in the Central region of Vietnam), and engage in folk games, etc. 

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