Cloud Hunting in Ta Xua

Ta Xua, Bac Yen District (Son La), about 220 km from Hanoi, is an attractive destination for tourists who want to 'hunt' the beautiful and majestic sea of clouds.

The road to Ta Xua is quite winding and tortuous, but it’s incredibly beautiful in return. During reed season, hillsides are filled with white stunning reeds in the sun.

One of the cloud hunting sites that many tourists love is Hang Dong, 13 km from the center of Ta Xua commune. From Hang Dong, visitors can both enjoy the floating clouds and first sunshine of the new day.

To be able to watch the billowing sea of clouds, travelers have to get up from about 5am to hunt both clouds and sunrise.  The important thing is that you have good luck: go on a clear and sunny day.

On clear days, visitors can freely move to look at the sea of clouds until 9 -10 am.

Besides Hang Dong, Eo Gio (Wind Pass), en route to Xim Vang, about 3 km from Ta Xua center, is one of the nice places to watch sea of clouds.

Since Ta Xua is not too far from Hanoi, most people choose to go for two days. It’s possible to visit Ta Xua, then Moc Chau and come back Hanoi.

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