Tra Su Cajuput Forest in Floating Season

Riding on motor-boat, rowing throughout cajuput forest, enjoying the riverhemp carp hotpot are unforgetable experiences to everyone who visit Tra Su Cajuput Forest, An Giang during the water-rise season.

The last months of a year are the best time in West Vietnam while the water flows, brings fertility to this Southern Land. The water-filled field, silt-filled rivers, and the beautiful greenforest of cajuputs, all create a fantastic picture. To enjoy the gentle and unique beauty of the West during this time of the year, visitors don’t forget to come to Tra Su Cajuput Forest.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest belongs to Tinh Bien district (An Giang province), 20 kilometers away from Chau Doc City to the South. With a land of 850 acres, Tra Su is a typical riparian forest in the West of Hau River. Most trees in here is cajuput with more than 10 years old. Also, this is the natural habitat of various plant and animal species.

Visiting the West during water-rise season without having river hemp carp hotpot then probably you cannot experience this place to the fullest.

The fresh, delicious carp with greasy taste, soft bones which is only available during water-rise season. Along with fresh, yellow riverhemp, all create a signature dish with savory, nutrious taste of the West. 
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October, November of the year is when Tra Su ‘wears’ the most beautiful ‘coat’. Sitting on the motor-boat to get into the forest, visitors will be astounished by the forest’s beauty. Inside the forest, cajuput trees stand in straight lines like welcoming the visitors. As travelers get in further, they will have oppurtunity to row boats and discover the forest themselves.

Before this scenery, everyone has to admire its beauty with four sides covered with green lush cajuput tree lines and weeds on the water. All create a fresh, astounishing picture of the Westland. Leaving the troubles of daily life, tourists can feel the peaceful area by watching poetic sights, listening to singing birds, breathing fresh-air, or releasing the hands onto the cool water.

Tra Su is truly appropriate for those who wants to run away from the busy life of city. The gentle and natural aspect of the scenery, along with the generosity of the locals will surely make people miss the place.

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