6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sapa with Your Darling at Least Once

Sapa: enjoy cool weather in the summer and watch snow in winter

The climate surely is the most fascinating in Sapa as it is suitable to visit even in summer or winter. In the summer, while Hanoi and many other places are like an oven, Sapa is so cool, airy and pleasant. Sapa is a great place to escape (escaping the sun, hot weather literally).

In winter, Sapa is so cold that it snows in many days, which is very special in a humid tropical country like Vietnam. And hence how can people ignore the rare amazing landscape when a blanket of snow is covering the town? That is why people still happily hand in hand travel to Sapa to see snow despite the cold weather. Many couples like to go to Sapa in winter – does the coldness make people be closer to each other? 

It doesn’t cost you a big amount of money

If you leave from Hanoi, a train would be a good option. Whether you select soft sleeper berth or conditioned soft chair, it’s only around USD 15 / person (soft and hard seat is cheaper than sleeper berth). There’re also lots of cheap shuttle busé from Lao Cai to Sapa (about USD 1 - 1.5). Then you can hire a motorbike to visit around – low cost and lots of free doom. The returning fee can also estimated like that – so the transfer cost is done. Compared to far place which require travelling by plane, this is considered to be much cheaper.

Time for accommodation: let’s assume that you stay here for 3 days. Sapa is a small town but the number of hotel is relatively abundant, the price of course depends on its quality and target customer. If you want a budget trip, accommodation from USD 15 – 25 is not difficult to find (hostel is even cheaper), and quality is fine.

Costs for food and visiting are more difficult to estimate, because it depends on how you enjoy this trip. Overall, to have fun in Sapa, the cost is not be too expensive at all.

Lots of beautiful home-stays and hotels...

Dalat still makes people restless by a series of stunning home-stay, many people even travel to Dalat just to enjoy those lovely accommodation. It therefore an important factor to attract tourist to travel to a certain place. Sapa hasn’t had gorgeous accommodation like Dalat but the lovely places which are worth a stop are possible. 

Sapa Rooms Boutique Hotel - a beautiful hotel which is well taken care from the smallest detail, is a combination of ethnic lines with a little taste of Western; and Amazing Sapa Hotel - the hotel famous for a bath with beautiful glass surrounded...; or Phori's House - a new casual home-stay as its proper name: the ... Well, let's just go to Sapa and explore!

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Cafe with a nice view

Just look at photographs brought back by those who have been to Sapa, image of a cup of coffee and green mountains in the distance is indispensable. That’s true – Sapa has lots of cafe with amazing view. Sitting there and sipping a cup of coffee, leisurely enjoying the cold air, watching the mountains, cloud and forest in fact is a great feeling. Do not forget to take photos! – That’s travel.
Some nice cafes in Sapa is Gem Valley, Le Gecko, Vietemotion Sapa, Nhan cafe's ...

Lots of specialties in Sapa 

Regarding cuisine of Sapa, many people think that it’s only the heaven of grills only. In fact, Sapa can offer more than that. Firstly it’s definitely grills including exotic ones like grilled egg, bowel, pig stomach, chicken, purple sweet potato, rice in bamboo tubes...

Then we have to mention a special pig meat raised by the ethic people, salmon, sturgeon (the fishes raising in Sapa), delicious small fish living in natural spring... You can also try some must-try dishes like Thang Co (a famous dish made by bones, meat and viscera of horse or cow...), typical vegetables such as broccoli, beets, chayote .... They are just simple dishes but very special when you enjoy them in style in Sapa.

Lots of things to do

And finally, what to do? What to see? Where to take photos? The answer is ... very much! There are several points which are indispensable in the trip to Sapa. The whole trip would be meaningless if you ignore Sapa stone church that is (a must-see for everyone), the Ham Rong Mountain with lots of flowers; the majestic and mysterious Silver Falls, Waterfall of Love, Ta Phin - where you see how the life of ethnic people really is; Gate of Heaven - the highest point on the road where you can enjoy the cool air, Ancient rocks, Cloud Bridge...

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