2 Days in Mekong Delta

Floating season comes annually and tourists flow into the Western of Vietnam (Mekong Delta) to experience the exciting and rustic life. If you do not have time for a long trip, why don’t we think about a 2-day journey in 2 days at the weekend? 

Day 1

Stage 1: Saigon - Fruit Garden (Vinh Long)

We left Saigon in the early days of Oct 2016 with thunderstorms to Mekong Delta with unpredictable weather which is just like a "kinky girl" – it changes from sunny to rainy momentarily. 

Our first stop is the 6-ton orchard, An Binh Island, Vinh Long to experience authentic life of local people - catching fish in the pond in their traditional casual clothes.

This is a quite interesting activity for those who prefer deeper experience in the Mekong Delta: catching and grilling the fish by yourself then enjoy a rustic ordinary meal.

Stage 2: 6-ton orchard - Binh Thuy ancient house

Binh Thuy ancient house is about 2 km from Can Tho city, which is considered the most beautiful house in the region. This 100-year-old house  used o be the studio for many well-known movies such as: The Lover, Tay Do Beauty, The alluvial paths, The Horizons ...

Stage 3: Binh Thuy ancient house - Can Tho City

After aday driving in windy and rainy weather, Can Tho city is your place for overnight to continue the journey tomorrow. One night in Can Tho will be quite wonderful with crowded night market with food vendors, clothing stalls... Visiting Ninh Kieu wharf an its pedestrian bridge is also romantic and interesting. However, keep an eye carefully to your belongings like phone and wallet to avoid pickpockets.

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Day 2

Stage 4: Can Tho - Cai Rang Floating Market

A must-see place for every tourist in Can Tho exploration definitely is Cai Rang floating market. Remember to get up early and visit it at around 5 AM to enjoy the bustling atmosphere in here. Enjoy dishes such as noodles, bread or coffee while floating on the water is a very interesting thing that surely only available in this region. To get to Cai Rang floating market, you can go to An Binh market and rent a boat at around USD 6-7/ 1 boat / 10-12 people.

Stage 5: Cai Rang floating market - Dong Sen, Thap Muoi, Dong Thap

Leaving Can Tho, we continued our trip to Dong Thap province, crossing small roads, rivers and orchards to come to Dong Sen. We enjoyed a delicious and lovely lunch on a hut among a beautiful immense lotus field. Do not forget to enjoy the special dishes such as rats, steamed fish, fish soup and flower, lotus sweet soup... and many other tasty dishes that you will love definitely.

Stage 6: Dong Sen - Saigon

The experience really exceeded our expectation with approximately 419 km drive and USD 20/person in 2-day trip – surely we will be back here in one day.

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