Experiences when travelling in Yangon, Myanmar

Getting on Yangon National Airport and taking a taxi to get into the city, you will feel like you are a place which is like nowhere else in the world. Without the appearance of international brands, but there are many parks, lakes, pagodas, bustling streets and friendly people. These are distinctive features of Yangon.

• Famous tourist attractions

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is the most famous attraction that all tourists have visited. Located on a hill top, it is considered the national treasure and the pride of Myanmar.

Thaketa Crocodile Farm

It is home to more than 200 species of crocodile. You could be afraid when passing the bridge with hundreds of crocodiles with its mouth open below.

• Shopping in Yangon

Scott Market (Bogyoke Aung San Market)

A famous market with all items from clothing, Burmese traditional costumes to souvenirs can be found here.

Mingalar Market 

Located right on the area of Islam city, Mingalar is a traditional market of Myanmar.

• Yangon cuisine

Minn Lan Rakhine Seafood Restaurant

Minn Lan is an outdoor restaurant which serves the best seafood in Yangon. The specialties of the restaurant are Pandan shrimp and lobsters.

Lobster: 25,000 kyat ($ 25) / kg
Seafood fried rice: 3,500 kyat ($ 3.50) / plate

Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant 

Located on the north side bank of Inya Lake, Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant serves tourists traditional Burmese dishes. In addition, this restaurant also offers dishes inspired from French cuisine.
Set menu: 11,000 kyat ($ 11) / 2 people; 14,000 kyat ($ 14) / 3 people

Onyx Restaurant

Opening from 2004, Onyx is the restaurant operated by a Korean owner. It specializes in serving Western dishes. At weekends, the restaurant is always crowded.
Beefsteak: 5.000 to 8.000 kyat ($ 5-8) / share
Wine: from 10,000 kyat ($ 10)

• Yangon at night

In the past, Yangon at night was quiet without interesting things to do, nowadays, everything has changed. Bars and clubs appear everywhere and willing to serve tourists until the midnight.

19th Street

It is busy, bustling and sparkling. However, the 19th Street is not like Khao San area in Bangkok. Instead, it brings tourists the feeling of Myanmar with outdoor bars. This is also the place where tourists could enjoy the best grilled fish of the city.

Beer: 800 kyat (~ 80 cents) / bottle
Grilled fish: 3,500 kyat (~ $ 3.50)

The Bar on the attic of Vista

 Located near Shwedagon pagoda with a fascinating view, Bar Vista is an attractive destination of tourists.

Beer: 1,500 kyat ($ 1.50) / glass
Whisky: 3,500 kyat ($ 3.50) / glass

50th Street Bar

50th Street Bar is an ideal place to sip beer and watch big football matches.

Beer: 4,000 kyat ($ 4) / bottle
Pizza: 6.000 to 9.000 kyat ($ 6-9) / piece

Roadside pub

This is the pub of Myanmar version where local people often gather together
Beer: 600 kyat (60 cents) / glass

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