An Interesting Exploration in Hon Lao

Hon Lao is not only a place with the most population compared to 7 remaining islands in Cu Lao Cham (Hoi An City, Quang Nam) but also known as a destination with poetic scenery. 

Visit the market of the island

Upon getting the pier, you will see an area covered by canvas for selling and buying activities that the locals call the island’s market. Although it is a market, it is not bustling and noisy as in other markets. On the stalls display affordable specialties such as “bánh ít lá gai” xu xê cake, dried anchovy, dried squid and newly-caught seafood.

Stroll around Hon Lao

From the island’s market, you can easily take a motorbike taxi for a sightseeing tour around the island. The vehicle passes through winding and rough routes due to hilly terrain. Lined on the road are villages and small fields.

On the way, do not miss the chance to visit Hai Tang Pagoda built from 250 years ago and located on the foothill in the west of Hon Lao.

In the distance, the pier is like a village pond waiting for boats from remote areas for avoiding storms. All demonstrate the tranquility and peacefulness.

Explore the area behind Hon Lao

If you like adventure, you could hire a bike following a concrete road to explore Hon Lao from behind.

The road leads you away from crowded sights at the pier, bustles of daily life, passing from the east of the island with dangerous steeps to the west of the island with gentle slopes covering Cu Lao Cham.

Sometimes, you may meet up and down stages with one side of cliff and the other side of deep sea. In return, you will be amazed when traveling amidst primary forest with numerous ancient trees and corn trees with glowing blossoms.

Play with sea waves

After a day wandering on Hon Lao, as the sun starts setting on the island, Hon Lao seems to be covered a new cloth which is quieter.

This is also an ideal point of time for you to play with sea waves, immerse yourself in Lang Beach, Huong Beach with immensely stretching sandy beach and numerous rocks with different size and shape.

The beach is clean. If you have no need to swim, you could sit on the beach and enjoy fresh sea winds and delicious seafood with your friends.

When the night falls, you could sit on the beach to admire stars and boats fishing squid with sparkling candles which look like a floating city.

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