Beautiful tourist attractions in Da Lat

Dalat has been a famous tourist city with Valley of Love or Lang Biang Plateau. Therefore, why do not you choose this region as a dream destination for this summer?

Truc Lam Temple
Located next to Tuyen Lam Lake, over 5 km from Da Lat, Truc Lam Temple is Vietnam’s largest monastery. It was a combination between modern and ancient. However, it was a sanctuary. Truc Lam Temple is a location that many monks are trained and practice and a place that local and foreign researchers study Zen. Besides, it also attracts many tourists to visit and worship.

Having visited Truc Lam Temple, you will enjoy Buddha statues that were crafted skillfully. In addition to, the majesty of buddha world and the fresh air of the highlands will make you relaxed and pleasant.

Truc Lam Temple is also known as a place to meditate after stress days working or studying. Although this place does not have accommodation services, but if you want to stay here a few days to Dharma, or simply seek for peace and balance in a busy life, the temple will not reject your demand.
Arriving here, pilgrims have an opportunity to enjoy many beautiful species of flowers which are planted in the temple.

Strawberry Farms
Thanks to cool climate, Da Lat is suitable for a wide variety of fruits, especially strawberries. Strawberry fruits here are very big and are planted whenever. However the main crop is in spring.

 If you have an opportunity to travel to Da Lat, you should visit strawberry farms. Here you can witness the production process from seeding, tending, harvesting and enjoying ripe and fresh berries.

Typically, visitors will be given a box pick up strawberries. You should spend your time choosing carefully to get the freshest strawberries.

 Valley of Love
Located in 5km north of Da Lat city center, Valley of Love is one of the most romantic landscapes in Da Lat. Initially the French call this place the “Valley d' Amour "(Valley of Love). However, under the reign of Bao Dai it was changed to the "Valley of Peace ", and in 1953 it was officially renamed the "Valley of Love ".

As a beautiful and romantic place, it is extremely suitable for couples who love each other. In addition to, with the charming river scenery and fresh air, Valley of Love is ideal for those traveling with their families. The pine forests rang in wind along with the fragrance of Valley of Love will make you want wallow in wind.

Elephant Waterfall - Linh An Pagoda
Elephant Waterfall is located in Ban Nam town, Lam Ha district, 25km southwest of Da Lat city. This is a great place to escape the summer heat.

Elephant waterfall is also called Lieng Rowoa waterfall with the height of over 30m and width of 40m. The waterfall has been named Elephant because it has stones like elephants. Daily, it pours and creates a spectacular scene. Behind the waterfall is a mysterious cave. When you travel to here, you should go in groups to avoid getting lost.

 Near Elephant Waterfall there is a pagoda called Linh An founded by Thich Tam Vi superior monk in 1993. In this pagoda, there are a lot of statues carved skillfully. It is not only a sacred site but also a destination for many


I have been visited Dalat about 3 months ago after my nyc niagara tours with my wife. That was a wonderful experience of our life. It has many wonderful and amazing sights to see but one place that we liked there was Valley of Love. It is one of the most romantic places in Dalat. It is located about 5km north of the center of Dalat city. It attracts millions of visitors due to its deep valleys and evergreen pine forests.


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