5 Reasons to visit Hanoi in Autumn

Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, lies on the banks of the Red River, some 100 kilometres from its mouth. Human settlements at the place date back as far as the 3rd century B.C.

There have been countless songs praising romantic and poetic Hanoi when autumn comes. Besides its ancient beauty, Ha Noi has many interesting things for tourists to explore in the season of milk flower.

There are not many flowers in Hanoi when yellow leaves start to fall, the sky is always gray, and sometimes blue but if you are wondering the most beautiful season in Hanoi. The answer is the fall.

Fresh and pleasant air
Maybe if you travel to Da Lat for the first time, you will ask drivers what you should do and buy, they can reply that “ Da Lat specialty is air “. Likewise, Hanoi owns a priceless asset which is a beautiful weather.

However, because the weather is quite cold, so if you travel to Hanoi in this weather you should also wear long sleeves or bring jackets to avoid being sick 

The ideal time to take pictures
Hanoi in autumn is an opportunity for couples to take photos in preparation for the wedding season. Although in this season, there are not many kinds of flowers booming like the spring. However, the sun is fall color as the flowers bloom spring but cool weather, the sun is not intense. Therefore, instead of just shooting early in the morning, young people can take pictures all day without fatigue.

 Milk flowers blossom in Hanoi’s autumn
 Sesames bloom around Sword Lake
Two sesame trees on the shores of Sword Lake are regarded as treasures of the capital. Each transformation of plants is attracting a lot of attention from photographers and people. In winter, these sesame trees’ leaves are yellow. However, in autumn they have red flowers like curtains on the water surface.

Ripe dracontomelum season and Vong village’s green rice
Ripe dracontomelum season and Vong village’s green rice are well known. Look at ripe dracontomelums and enjoy them with salt and chili. It is sure that woman can’t resist. Walking along Hanoi’s streets, you also meet pedlars selling green rice. It is wrapped by lotus leaves and tied by dry straw.

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