Ly Son Island travel tips

Ly Son Island, also known as Cu Lao Re, is located in Quang Ngai Province, far from land about 25 kilometers. It consists of two islands namely the Big Island and Little Island about two nautical kilometers from each other with a total area of ​​9.97 km2.
If you go to Ly Son in summer, you will find its weather quite hot but stable. You can enjoy the island’s melons. They are very sweet.
If you travel to Ly Son on Tet holiday, you are happier because you can enjoy very special garlic. It is a delicious salad. In fact, local people in this island start to plant garlic in early September and harvest in December or in early January.

- You can fly to Chu Lai airport. There are buses from the airport to the city of Quang Ngai. The next morning, you get on bus to Sa Ky port to buy tickets. If you used cars and started off in the previous evening, you would be able to reach Quang Ngai the next day. There are some famous car rental companies such as Chin Nghia, Sao Vang …
- Every day at 8 am in Sa Ky port – Quang Ngai there is a high-speed train coming out of Ly Son. But if you can’t catch the train, you can go by timber ships – cargo ships (running from Sa Ky to Ly Son about 2 hours, longer than the train approximately 1 hour 15 minutes), time of landing: about 9am.

- The special dishes of the island such as the red frog crab, raw garlic, sentinel-crab or mother of pearl. In fact, fish, shrimps, oysters or screws are cooked after they have just been caught from the sea. Therefore, they are fresh and very delicious although they are only steamed with ginger or citronella.
- You also do not forget to enjoy Ly Son garlic. It is very special. Although it sounds strange, when you eat it you will be unforgettable. The way to make this garlic salad is simple. The first step is to take its leaves, then boil water and mix it with spices. You should use meat together this salad, which is unusual but delicious and you remember it forever.
- There are a number of restaurants on the island: Vien Dong, Thuy Son (near Cave Temple). You can book to have food to eat after going swimming or playing.

On the island there are over 50 temples, communal houses, shrines and memorial parks. Especially, you should visit Hoang Sa museum, Duc temple, Hang Pagoda, Am Linh Tu…
You can also learn more about the history of this place through Anh Hai village’s communal house which is the oldest unique ancient architecture of Quang Ngai (built in 1820) or Hoang Sa museum which shows and preserves the artifacts of the soldiers protecting Hoang Sa in the past.
Another interesting places you should not miss when the island are beaches. They are green, clean and quiet deserted. You can play with the waves and feel the tingling of the small pebbles under you feet.
If you have more time, you should catch the train to Little island. Ticket price is 15 thousand dong every turn. The train travels from the Big Island to the Little Island at 8 am and at 2 – 3 pm from the Little Island to the Big Island.

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