LangBiang Plateau in Da Lat city

Located at an altitude of 2.169m above sea level, Lang Biang plateau (Da Lat - Lam Dong ) hides a passionate love beyond feudal rites. Lang Biang is also referred to as the “roof” of Da Lat. It is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the floating emotion, explore and fulfill unexpected adventures.

It seems that every landscape, every tourist destination in Da Lat is related to a legend. Lang Biang is not an exception. It is associated with a legend of a faithful love. The beauty and allure of Lang Biang always brings surprises for guests and fulfill adventurous visitors’ desire.

Love legend

The love story between a boy named K'lang (Lat people, a tributary of K'Ho race) and a girl named Hobiang ( Chil people , a tributary of K'Ho race) has touched many tourists when they come here. Hobiang and K'lang’s houses were in hill feet. They dropped across when they picked up fruits in the forest. Hobiang was in danger and K'lang was courageous to save her escape from ferocious wolves. It was the first time they met but they crushed and then they fell in love with each other. However, due to curse between two people, Hobiang could not get married with K'lang. Against strict feudal rites, they were determined to live together. They got married and moved to a place in mountain top to live. When Hobiang was sick, K'lang tried to treat but Hobiang was not better. He had to return his people to be helped. But finally, Hobiang was killed when she saved her husband from poisoned arrows shot by K'lang’s village. Because of sadness, K'lang cried a lot of tears. His tears poured into a large stream, now is called Dankia (Gold Stream). After Hobiang and K'lang died, Hobiang’s father regretted and decided to unite two people into one race called K'Ho. Since couples in the village came together easily. The high mountain in La Ngu Thuong village where Hobiang and K'lang die is named Lang Biang to memorize this couple and their love.

Natural beauty

Lang Biang is located 12 km north of Da Lat. It consists of two mountains called Nui Ong and Nui Ba. In beautiful sunny days, from Xuan Huong Lake, visitors can see two imposing mountains standing together. You can explore these mountain peaks by walking. After arriving there, the first feeling is comfortable. A large space and cool weather are features of “little Paris”. In this place, clouds and mountains are swirled together. When you stand on high and look down, you will see Dankia steam bending mountain foot like a silk and Da Lat with beautiful and small villas hidden mountains and trees like a romantic picture.

Lang Biang – a challenge for climbing

Lang Biang is considered as a typical tourist destination with the form of picnics, natural explorations, discoveries about local people’s culture. Lang Biang hills are covered by tall and green grasses in the rainy season. The valley is home to many species of animals and plants. In the middle of the mountain there is a large valley where a festival to celebrate 100 years of Da Lat Founding & Development was hold successfully. Therefore, it is called 100 year valley hundred. It is designed as an eco-tourism destination. Visitors can enjoy activities such as camping, drinking wine with local people, and hearing their stories and culture.

Lang Biang Plateau is still attracting visitors with trekking programs and conquering high peaks. From its top, you can explore the land at the foot of the mountain, the lives of local people by going down along the trail crossing small waterfalls to enter villages. In fact, many visitors go to there are interested in love legend between K’lang and Biang.

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