Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is a peaceful countryside on the North Central Coast. There are 7 ethnic groups living in Kinh, Muong, Thai, Dao, Mong, Tho, and Kho Mu - a multicolored picture. With a special geographic location, this land is the epitome of Vietnam and is the convergence of interesting tourist attractions that everyone should visit once.

Cam Luong fish cave 

Cam Luong fish cave
Cam Luong fish cave (Cam Luong fish cage) is home to concentrated populations of densely populated fish that are preserved and revered by local ethnic minorities. This is a unique and popular tourist destination in the Thanh Hoa tourism route.
On the way to the stream of Cam Luong Thanh Hoa, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the simple and rustic stilts of the Muong ethnic people lying hidden on the slopes, immersed in the majestic space of The towering rocky mountains, the point of the Ma River winding.
Visiting Cam Luong stream, visitors will not be shy before the fish gods are swimming. As far as the foot of the mountain as much large fish, right in front of the cave is crowded the fish weighing 3-5kg swim close together, sealed the water surface, gathering on the shore as welcoming visitors.
Here, visitors can buy some vegetables and popcorn from the people around to familiarize themselves with the fish. The fish here is very bold, see the food is back, click on the water surface, feeling like there is no distance between the fish and this god. The shape of the fish looks beautiful, black scales, dark mossy back, body stretched in the middle, the fins and mouth are pink. Interesting that you can put your hands on the water stroked these gods.
In addition, to admire the spirit, visitors can also explore the cave tree on the Truong Sinh Mountain, at 70 meters above the ground. Inside the cave is a variety of stalactites with sparkling colors, and the depth of the heart like no endpoint. The murmuring of the small stream nestled on the wall suddenly attracted the attention of tourists, that is the origin of the water stream of Cam Luong.
If time permits, visitors can visit the village around the stream of Cam Luong fish, exchange, learn the customs and habits of the people of Muong with features such as brocade weaving, dance Pong-pong and enjoy the local specialties and wine yeast need to ecstasy.

Ho Dynasty Citadel

Ho Dynasty Citadel
The Ho Dynasty Citadel in the province of Thanh Hoa today was the capital of Vietnam from 1398 to 1407. This is one of the rare stone fortifications left in Southeast Asia. UNESCO has recognized Ho Dynasty Citadel as World Cultural Heritage because of the cultural, historical values and unique construction techniques of this project.
This work is highly appreciated in terms of technical stone blocks that are considered to be unique in Vietnam in particular and in East Asia and Southeast Asia. They have been described in the period from the late 14th century, early XV century. Researchers estimate that the architecture of the Ho Dynasty citadel was very scientific, with large blocks carved squarely, interlaced in the shape of grapefruit to avoid large vibrations such as earthquakes. Particularly between these stones, there is no binder but the citadel survives more than 600 years, overcoming the effects of seismic and bomb damage. In addition, this solid construction block was built only in the first three months of 1397.
According to the materials left behind the archaeological work, the current status of the population of  Ho Dynasty Citadel including Thanh Noi, Hao Thanh, La Thanh, and Nam Giao is located outside the city. In it, the citadel is the most monumental and most intact remains to date. The entire exterior of the wall is a combination of four gates made from blue limestone slabs, carefully chiseled, stacked together. These large blocks have slabs of up to 6 meters long, weighing about 20 tons. Explaining the way these huge stone blocks were transported, archaeologists have suggested that rock marbles were used to transport them.
Ho Dynasty Citadel is an important historical relic of high cultural value, ancient architecture. Come to this monument, visitors have the opportunity to admire the uniqueness of the old works and learn about this elaborate technique. This is the destination increasingly attract many domestic and foreign tourists know

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong Nature Reserve
Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located in the north-west of Thanh Hoa province, in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts. The Pu Luong Nature Reserve, established in 1999, is now preserving its rich natural landscape values with a diversity of native plants and animals.
From historic road 15C through Canh Nang town, Ba Thuoc district to the end of Phu Le commune, Quan Hoa district connected to Road 47 to Lac village, Mai Chau district Hoa Binh has split Pu Luong into two different ecosystems The limestone mountain ecosystem is one and the mountain ecosystem is one side.
Covering an area of 17,662 ha, the reserve has a rich forest ecosystem, rich in fauna and flora diversity with 598 animal species belonging to 130 vertebrate families, of which 51 species are rare. (26 species of mammals, 5 species of bats, 6 species of birds, 5 species of freshwater fish, 6 species of reptiles).
Especially here is the residence of the Leopard, Beo fire, deer, bear and Son Duong, dozens of the herd of white ducklings - a rare primate with the number up to hundreds of individuals. The karst system of limestone karst preserves many caves with the mysterious nature of nature. Flora and fauna with rare species of orchids have given the forest a sense of beauty that not every forest has.
Besides the diversity of natural scenery, this place is diverse in the cultural identity of the Thai community makes Pu Luong bring their own unique beauty.
Located in the middle of the forest, this is the Son, Ba, Muoi of Lung Cao commune, Ba Thuoc district. With an altitude of over 1,000m and surrounded by forests, this place has an ideal climate, one day with four seasons and the temperature does not exceed 20oC.
Coming to Pu Luong in May and October, visitors will admire the terraced paddy fields of golden rice spread over the mountains.
With its outstanding features, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is considered as a valuable natural reserve in terms of science, socio-economic and ecotourism.

Tu Thuc Cave

Tu Thuc Cave is also known as Bich Dao Cave, located in Nga Thien Commune, Nga Son District, Thanh Hoa Province. This is a system of limestone karsts with unique stalactites and stalagmites associated with the legend of the Tantric metamorphosis is widely circulated in folk.
In front of the entrance to the Consciousness, there are two poems in Han scripture praising the beauty of the goddess, a stone carved on the stone of the Trinh Sam goddess with the Nam Nguyen pseudonym, one on the high cliff of Le Quy. Pedestal. Outside the door, there is a small temple called Son Shrine.
Entering the inside of the cave of Tu Thuc, the visitor is a spacious outdoor arc-shaped look like a giant bowl, on the ceiling with stalactites in the shape of a beautiful peach, under the floor surviving vestiges. Tet worship and the sparkling stalactites are like the treasure of gold, the treasure of the human.
Follow the narrow corridor, visitors will enter the lobbies in. Around are the stalactites silhouette sparkling, evoking images associated with the love of Huong Huong and Tu Huc such as Huong Huong bath and the letter of the room, the chessboard, fruit tray, orchestra and so on.
Go deeper in the cave, you will encounter a small lake in the scattered, scattered here are the white stones, adjacent to the shape of ponds, the stone statue he adoration, frogs as a hand-crafted clever set.
There are two turns for Tu Thuc. One falls with equal stone steps, Legend is the way up the heavenly realms. The rest of the way deep down the mountain in the direction of the spiral with the rocky bumpy, dark, wet is down the road, the place is easy to make tourists fear that quickly turn out.
The Legend of Tonkin and the exotic scene inside the cave has created a unique attraction for this place, and enrich the destination for Thanh Hoa tourism. 

Sam Son Beach

Sam Son Beach
Sam Son beach is a famous beach in Thanh Hoa. Sandy beaches, calm waves, clear blue water, and moderate salt concentration are very suitable for human health.
In addition to beautiful beaches, nature is rich for Sam Son many famous scenic spots and legendary shimmering color. It is the Truong Le mountain range that runs along the rim of the four seasons, which is the romantic Trong Mai stone, Tuoc Cac, Tien majestic ancient; Vong Hai radio - where visitors can see a vast area of sky. 
Independence Temple and Temple of Co Tien are all structures built in the late Le Dynasty (17th century) (Temple of the Fairy Goddess and Maitre Lieu Hanh) in ancient architecture. These are the places that visitors often visit each time to Sam Son.
Southern Truong Le mountain range has a very beautiful beach, the environment is very pristine, this place promises a modern resort in the future.
The symbol of Sam Son beach tourism, over the hill with thousands of days and nights singing the sea waves, about a common love of young couples living together in flood victims.
In the south, the legendary Ta Tien pagoda where Uncle Ho stopped by for a sightseeing break when visiting Thanh Hoa in 1961.
Quang Cu ecological tourism area has been planned and is being deployed to welcome tourists. Especially, tourists also enjoy many seafood specialties such as crab, lobster, blue shrimp with more than 50 hotels with full facilities can serve international guests. Every year, this popular tourist destination attracts over 300 thousand tourists.

Top 6 the most stunning beaches and streams in Hue City

1. Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach
Located 70km south of Hue City and 20km north of Da Nang City, Lang Co beach has long been famous as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam because of the white sandy beach over 10 km long and blue ocean. Between April and July, the atmosphere is pleasant and cool. Therefore, visitors to Lang Co will enjoy the fun such as fishing, diving or indulge in local dishes such as crab cakes, crab noodle dishes or Lang Co's delicious oysters.

2. Thuan An beach

Thuan An Beach
Thuan An beach is situated near Huong River flowing into Tam Giang and East Sea about 13 km from Hue Citadel to the East. This place is recognized by King Thieu Tri as the 10th most beautiful sceneries in Hue.

About 30 minutes by motorbike, Thuan An beach is 12 km long with cool waves. Visitors usually come here from April to September at the hottest weather because they can rent tents, live in the wild on the beach and enjoy themselves in cool water. At night, each group of the leisurely stroll along the coast or enjoys the fresh seafood cooked on a charcoal stove.

3, Canh Duong beach

Canh Duong Beach
From Hue, follow Highway 1A, go south to 70 km to Loc Tien commune. From here, turn left to Canh Duong beach, next to Chan May port, in Loc Vinh commune. You can see the beach stretching over 8 thousand meters, about 200 meters wide, white sand stretches smooth, the casuarinas shadowed by the sea, and the blue sea as the pearl. All create a scenic natural dream to attract many tourists. Coming to Canh Duong beach means that you are indulging in pristine beauty, enjoying fresh air cool, and forgetting the hustle of everyday life.

In addition, visitors will be impressed by the variety of fresh seafood at very reasonable prices such as steamed crab, grilled squid, shrimp, Hanh fish and so on. 

4. Ham Rong Beach

Ham Rong Beach
Ham Rong beach is a place that once visitors would like to have the opportunity to come back due to its unique beauty. Although it is not as reputable as Lang Co beach, Canh Duong, or Thuan An, Ham Rong Beach has a beautiful location and poetic landscape because of the protection of the Linh Thai mountain 800 meters high together with the deep green forests winding along to embrace the beach nearly 6 km long. There are three beaches here Ham Rong beach, Indochina beach, and Dam beach.
Seawater in Ham Rong is always blue and marked by the small rock population arranged overlapping to create a beautiful natural scenery. Visitors can soak up the bath, or play with the children

5. Elephant Stream

Elephant Stream
From Hue city to the south 60 km, or Da Nang to 40 km, then run 3 km to the west, across Thua Luu, Loc Tien, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue and follow a small path covered with concrete, visitors will come to the stream of Elephants - a stream with many large waterfalls pour under a thick vegetation. 

The stream is named after Elephant Stream because people say that a rock nearing this stream has a shape like an elephant dropping water at the foot of the falls. Moreover, there is a lake also named Elephant lagoon that is a natural bathing area about 30 m2, depth of 2 m, between two waterfalls. The cool blue water lake here is visible to the bottom.

From here, go upstream about 1 km to Da Bang stream. At the top of the Da Bang waterfall, tourists are able to enjoy nature discovery, then go to catch the fishes, and pick the leaves to cook sour soup, or boiled vegetables flying dots with fish balls.

6. Truoi lake Stream

Truoi lake Stream
From Hue city go to Truoi bridge, Loc Hoa commune, Phu Loc district, and turn right for 10 km, you will meet Bach Ma peak year-round in white clouds. At the foot of Bach Ma lake is a blue Truoi lake stream running out of sight. There are four main streams flowing into Truoi Lake Stream. They are Hop Hai, Vung Thong, Vien Thong, and Ba Trai streams, each with distinctive beauty.

In the heat of summer, there are hundreds of visitors every day and picnic here. In the stream, other travelers can soak in the cool water stream, join the fun like fishing that is very attractive. After that, visitors can enjoy the grilled fish or fresh fish porridge that they did by themselves.

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Quang Nam

Quang Nam is a coastal province in the South Central of Vietnam. There is 125 km of white sand beach, sunshine, many beaches with beautiful scenery famous, Forbes magazine voted as one of the most beautiful beaches of the planet should be convenient to develop tourism Quang Nam with all kinds ecotourism, resort.

My Son Sanctuary
Coming to Quang Nam, it is sure that tourists visit Hoi An ancient town, My Son Sanctuary which are World Heritages in Vietnam. However, there are other interesting places for visitors in Quang Nam.
Hoi An ancient town in Quang Nam
The first site for tourists is Grang waterfall. It is in Ta Bhing commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province. The waterfall is made up of 3 small waterfalls, but perhaps the most beautiful is still waterfall number 3 with a height up to 30 m distance. Water flows down rushing, scour over the slabs covered with green moss, white foam dash, tree king, sensual sensation floating between thousands of deep green.
Grang waterfall
Welcome to the tourist site of Hoi An Waterfall is the bubbling fog, white as a white mist to create the fanciful, cool water to cool, dispel the heat and tiredness.

Not only beautiful scenery but Grang waterfall is also a place to bring a very interesting game but requires the courage of visitors, from a height of 10 m visitors can play acrobatics, tossing In the water beside the cheering of friends, relatives or can also relax by fishing, swimming in the cool water. If you are skilled in fishing, visitors will enjoy attractive meals with grilled fish with vegetables, boiled bamboo shoots, salted peppers in the streams, lakes in the area of the waterfall.
Khe Lim
Another place in Quang Nam is Khe Lim. Khe Lim is located in Dai Hong commune, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province, about 20km southwest of Ai Nghia town. In the scenery in Quang Nam, Lim slots are classified in the list of beautiful places to explore.

Looking back, Khe Lim glimpsed a white silk strip at the top of the green mountain. From above the water rushed down and chased each other through the large boulders flowing downstream, on the way to the water has eroded the cliff to create the creepy bunk full of monsters. It is said that the originality of Lim slit is primitive but also full of mystery. It is not just the thick forest canopy covering the two streams or the thousands of large stones like the huge eggs lying rolling but also the mystery that exists in each wind blowing through the leaves and birds singing Lost in the middle of the lunch.

Beautiful Limerick is not only the water from the sky but also the whole panorama of it. On the banks of the streams are the pristine forests, abundant vegetation, and the rich green abyss, all year round, there are many flowers, orchids scattered the scent, the HIO-HIU horn in the south, making up. a beautiful romantic dream.

Exploring Quang Nam, tourists are unable to skip Giang Thom Hole. It is about 7km to the west of Nui Thanh town, located in the hamlet of Hamlet 9, Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. The waterfall and mountain scenery are very beautiful and wild. Giang Thom Waterfall has made many visitors love the challenge and adventure to discover and learn.

Come to Giang Thom Waterfall you will be surprised by the natural scenery of this beautiful place. There are the vibrant sounds of waterfalls and streams and the enchanting scenery of the black cliffs that sank again in succession. On the far side are the falls of the headwaters flowing into the white foam.

In the distance, the headwaters flow down the rocks to create beautiful waterfalls. Those who love to feel strong can climb the undulating rock to conquer the high waterfalls. Upstream of the stream, a quite calm lake appears as peaceful as inviting, as close to those who are looking for a calm and elegant environment of wilderness.

Visiting Quang Nam, one of the things travelers have to do is to spend time learning more about the culture of Quang. They are surprised by the cultural diversity in the land. Furthermore, tourists also visit some traditional village and try some special dishes here.

Quang Nam, with all the advantages that can make you feel "restless" want to visit immediately, such as a pristine, magnificent land of land not printed many footprints of tourists, accompanied with its very own cultural colors and delectable Central Asian cuisine. In the future, this will be one of the hottest destinations for adventure lovers.

Top 5 ancient coffee shops in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Impression, art, and ancient are the adjectives that people often talk about secret coffee shops in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. People call them secret because you will have to step into a mysterious lane and step by step on the old stairs before entering the classic space of those coffee shops that are near Hoan Kiem Lake. Let me introduce those for you below. 

1, Quan Dinh Coffee

Quan Dinh
Address: No. 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi
One of the lakeside coffee to drop out of sight to Hoan Kiem Lake is perhaps Quan Dinh coffee shop. It is popular because it has a balcony facing the lake and the space is very special and wonderful. 
For the Hanoi people, it probably does not need to introduce more about Dinh coffee. This coffee shop is small, only about 20m2 wide but any winter or summer, morning or evening, it always crowded, mainly pupils, students, and art enthusiasts.
The old-fashioned, moss-covered walls or the rustic balcony of this ancient coffee shop is the difference and makes many people be impressive. Perhaps, this is the place where people's memory is stored when coming here. 
The monsoon day, sitting in the Street view and holding coffee cups to enjoy the warm air is extremely interesting or you can sit next to some old friends to talk with each other. 

2, Sketch coffee

Sketch coffee
Address: Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hanoi
Sketch coffee is located at the corner of the intersection between Dinh Tien Hoang Street and Hoan Kiem Lake, right next to the Thang Long Puppet Theater. It is very recognizable because it has a very large and clear sign on the outside of the road.
Sketch coffee has a relatively small space but decorated with impressive style and artistic intensity because it was designed by a group of young students of the School of Architecture. The most expensive point of the coffee shop is located on the balcony in front of the place, where guests can look out of the whole Hoan Kiem lake. Sometimes, you can listen to the bell of Puppet Theater. 
The sketch is considered one of the best view of the restaurant around the lake that you consider to visit once. 

3, Bottom's up

Bottom's up
Address: Luong Van Can crossroad, Hanoi
The shop is decorated in modern style, youthful, stretching through 3 floors. The area is quite modest but the highlight is in the balcony located in many directions, down the busy streets of the Old Square. These positions are often crowded early before evening. So, you do not hesitate to visit earlier to experience the atmosphere here. 
The top floor has the most beautiful view. Moreover, 3 sides have no walls so it is very cool. Located at the corner of the intersection so from here, you can see the surrounding streets and part of Hoan Kiem Lake.

4, Pho Co coffee

Pho Co coffee
Address: No. 46 Hang Trong Street, Hanoi
The entrance to the coffee shop is a small alley between the souvenir shop near Hoan Kiem lake. The alley is very small and dark but when you go into it, you can see the coffee shop with ancient space that is different from the outside air. Enter the yard of the old house and then go along the steps and you will go to the terrace with the most beautiful view in Hanoi.
You can choose the space on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Although the coffee shop is quite old with a common table and the menu is not rich, this is a romantic dating area and you can also see fireworks in Hanoi. Especially, when coming here in winter, do not forget to order a cup of aromatic egg coffee.

5, L'etage cafe

L'etage cafe
Address: No.9A Hang Khay Street, Hanoi
L'etage Cafe in French means "cafe upstairs", just like the location of the coffee shop now. This small coffee shop is located on the second floor of an ancient villa which is near the international brand image. Frankly, it has the bold mark in mind for many generations in Hanoi.  
like other coffee shops along the lake, this shop also has a modest area but sophisticated design and more artistic.
The balcony at L'etage cafe is always the place that attracts many tourists' attention. From here, you can look down a corner of Hoan Kiem Lake with a slower pace, more peaceful. 
Try visiting one of these great coffee shops to see a small and unique Hanoi from above.

New experience in Da Lat

Dalat has long been considered the "flower city" with the fresh air of the Lam Dong Plateau. Moreover, it is also a tourist destination that attracts a variety of domestic and foreign tourists every year. If you want to change the atmosphere on your trip to many countries in Vietnam, watching the sunrise will be an interesting idea when setting foot on this Flower Land. Let me introduce you to some places to see the beautiful sunrise below. I am sure you will be satisfied when traveling here.

1. Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake
Tuyen Lam Lake is only about 5 km far from Dalat city. It is really not too far away so you absolutely can admire the delicate beauty of the morning mist in this place. At the same time, picking up your morning in a wild place that is still preserved the beauty of nature also help you get a spirit of a full of energy day. When you come here, you will feel overwhelmed in front of beautiful scenery like fairyland. The tranquil lake is the highlight of this picture. Do not forget to take a moment to wake up to dawn here.

2. Co Don Suoi Vang Tree

Co Don Suoi Vang Tree
Co Don Suoi Vang Tree located in Da Nghit Village, Lat commune, Lac Duong is known as "Wonderland" in every morning. Although this place is a bit far from the city center, it is extremely impressive to those who visit. The virtual mist covers the sunlight over the beautiful rolling hills. After that,  the mist gradually fades away so that the sun is able to shine. At that time, you will suddenly surprise because of the magic charm of nature. in the morning. Moreover, you will also feel as if you are in a 3D movie because of the breathtaking nature. 

3. Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake
Those who came to Dalat surely knew more about Xuan Huong Lake. It is both a famous destination and also an ideal place to see the sunrise. Therefore, in case you would like to see Da Lat sunrise, you are definitely not missed the place on Xuan Huong Lake. Here, you can see many stone bridges like letter "Y" and pine trees stretch out to the lake. This makes the scenery becomes romantic and poetic. Also, do not forget to save yourself the most beautiful sun or selfie some photos with family and friends. I make sure that it absolutely is an unforgettable memory.

4.Trai Mat 

Trai Mat
Coming to Camp Mat, people will feel as if they were returned to Da Lat hundreds of years ago with ancient and peaceful beauty. There is a myriad of clouds surrounding this area early in the morning so here the tourists or photographers are really into taking photos to save to their albums. The best moment is when the first sunshine shines down and make Trai Mat more shimmering. At this destination, you will be amazed by the quiet space and the desert sand dunes. Moreover, you will feel you are losing in a desert. 

5, Pinhatt Peak

Pinhatt Peak
Mount Pinhatt is considered the ideal place to enjoy the panoramic view of the immense beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake and the whole city of Dalat in the early morning with fascinating beauty. Getting up early to enjoy a fresh morning is so interesting because you will have a chance to see the sunrise from the lake to the top of Pinhatt. Standing on this hill, all the natural scenery will come into your view. 

6. A Phu Hill

A Phu Hill
Surprisingly yet another surprise, the sky gradually unfolded the first light of a new day and a city is hiding under the white mist. You can sit passionately to watch the beautiful dawn for several hours and are not bored. Of course, do not skip the dance routine with all kinds of dancing with your family if you like. 

This is definitely a strange experience during the journey to Da Lat, Vietnam. You are foreigners and want to visit many places in Vietnam. Do not forget to read this article to know more about nature, human, culture, etc of Vietnam. Finally, I hope you will have a good trip and a wonderful moment in your family, friends, and relatives.

Activities On Mekong River You Have Never Heard Of

Beyond sightseeing on luxury Cruises, a trip to Mekong River also offers you a wide range of activities that will be able to make your trip more and more meaningful and memorable including visiting local fruit gardens, ploughing with buffalos or watching the most endangered species. The top activities you might have never heard of are listed below.

Watching Irrawaddy Dolphins

Not so many tourists know that Mekong is home to one of the rarest and most endangered species in the world – the Irrawaddy Dolphin.

The Dolphins look quite different from other popular of its kind with an oval head, long flexible neck, and a small triangular dorsal fin with a blunt tip. The Irrawaddy dolphins are mostly shy of boats and people. They can only be recognized when spyhopping on the water’s surface or splitting water from their mouths, which causes their overhunting in the past. They are normally found in groups of 2-3 individuals and really helpful for local people on Mekong River as they drive fishes into fishermen’s nest. As a result, nest fishing also does harm to the population of Irrawaddy dolphin.

Cruising on Mekong river, you will have a chance to admire these beautiful creature and take some priceless photos or you will never find any them in the wild apart from Mekong river.

Floating Hotels in Mekong Delta

Beyond Luxury Mekong river cruises, floating hotels will be a unique choice for those who want to experience the daily life of local people in Mekong delta.

This is a good spot for you to approach the local lifestyle of Mekong Delta people, which situated among groups of local fishermen’s houses and their boats, witness nice view of the river and easily pay a visit to floating markets in the early morning.

The floating hotel also goes with essential modern facilities and equipment, which will not disappoint you.

Visiting tropical fruit gardens

Mekong delta is home to the best tropical fruits in Vietnam. Cruising on Mekong Delta will offer you the opportunity to visit one of the best fruit gardens in your Vietnam private tours.

Once arriving there, you will be able to not only observe the process of growing, watering, collecting fruits by friendly local farmers but also enjoy them right away. This is also a good chance to learn more about unique customs and culture of Mekong Delta’s farmers.

Experiencing farming in Laos

This is considered as one of the most interesting activities to do for tourists who want to discover the agriculture in Laos on a Mekong River cruise.
During the visit, visitors will have chance to communicate with the locals, learn how to do many unique farming methods that have never been revealed such as ploughing with buffalos, sowing the seeds and watering the crops etc.

Top Places to See in Chau Doc – Mekong Delta

Featured as a relaxing stopover of Saigon to Siem Reap Cruises, Chau Doc is an ideal destination to both discover a rich culture of Vietnamese people and explore various interesting spots lying on Mekong River basin. If you are thinking of a trip to this peaceful province, then you should have a look at my suggestion of top places to see here.

Tay An Pagoda
Located at the heart of Chau Doc city, Tay An pagoda is not only a charming tourist attraction but also an important spiritual site. Recognized as National Architectural Site, the pagoda is famous for its unique design and beautiful characteristics. 

Floating village
Floating village will be one of your highlight in your expedition in Chau Doc and Southern Vietnam. Visiting the village, you will be amazed of the possibility that the houses of local people is floating on by thousands of gathering boats of local people. They sell and trade food, drink, vegetables, flowers and countryside’s specialties. The tour will also offer you the opportunity to observe the daily activities of family in Chau Doc and understand the relationship between members of the family.

Thoai Ngoc Hau Temple
The Thoai Ngoc Hau Temple of Vinh Te District is one of many relic sites under Sam Mountain. This temple was built to worship Lord Thoai Ngoc Hau and his two Ladies during the 30s of the 20th Century.

Sam Mountain
At an elevation of 284 meters, Sam Mountain is an ideal place for tourist to admire the panorama of South Vietnam Border. Once driving to the top of Sam Mountain, you will have a chance to not only comfortably sightsee but also visit some famous two-century-year-old pagodas to learn more about religion as well as development of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Vinh Te Canal
Vinh Te, which was first constructed in 1819, was the biggest canal in Vietnam’s war time. Visiting the canal, you will have a chance to extend your knowledge about the relationship between Vietnam and Cambodia at the time the canal was being built as well as its mysterious history between the two countries.

Tra Su Forest 
If you are a wildlife lover, then paying a visit to Tra Su forest is a must. Located about 20 km from Chau Doc, the forest covers a huge area of 850ha with a extremely rich biodiversity. Once took part in the tour to Tra Su, you will be able to observe a lively Wildlife scene of thousands of species such as storks, herons, bats, turtles, snakes etc. You can also have many photo chances while passing by unique bamboo-cane houses of the locals.

>> Beside classic tours, you can choose a cruise on Mekong River to discover Chau Doc. View our Mekong river cruises here:

Exploring the Lesser - Known Cities of Burma

Tourists may know Myanmar through Yangon – the home of the gilded Shwedagon pagoda, Bagan – the temples plain of the ancient kingdom or Inle Lake – the tranquil body of water famous for the one leg – rowing technique. However, this country still has many things that are yet to be explored. Here is the list of such those interesting destinations in Burma.

1. Nay Pyi Taw

Nay Pyi Taw is now the national capital of Burma where features the outstanding buildings of the Parliament and Government. The city is also the home of the shimmering Uppatasanti Pagoda which has the same design with the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. When in Nay Pyi Taw, tourists not only have a chance to admire the amazing constructions but also indulge in the beauty of the nature in the Botanical garden, Zoological garden and Safari Park. The Gem Museum is also a great place to visit with the rare collections of sapphire, jade and ruby.

2. Pyin Oo Lwin

Pyin Oo Lwin or Maymyo used to be the camp of the British army in 1896, lying in the height of 3510 feet above the sea level. The town attracts tourists by the charming buildings bearing the colonial design which can be discovered by the horse cart. Moreover, visitors can also come to the National Kandawgyi Botanical Gardens to see the beautiful Pwe Kauk waterfalls. The Chinese temple built by Yunnan immigrants and the gigantic Buddha image made of a single marble piece in Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda are also the favorite spots of many travelers. This is such a great place for your Myanmar photography tour.

3. Taunggyi

Situated in the southern Shan State, Taunggyi is a must visit place in the Myanmar Private Holidays. This is where the colorful Tazaungdaing Fire Balloon Festival is held every year in the November playing an important role in Burma culture. When in Taunggyi, tourists can pay a visit to the impressive pagoda complex in Kakku or the gorgeous limestone cave system of Hten San. 

4. Myitkyina

Visiting the capital of Kachin state – Myitkyina, tourists will have an opportunity to see the source of the mighty Irrawaddy River and the largest body of water of Burma – Indawgyi lake. As many other places in the golden land, Myitkyina also features some outstanding Buddhist constructions in the area such as the Sutaung Pyi Pagoda complex or the enormous standing and reclining Buddha images. In addition, in January, the lively Kachin Manaw festival is celebrated with the participation of thousands people in and around Myitkyina performing the mass dance.

5. Mrauk-U

Just like Bagan, Mrauk – U features a great number of ancient monuments which bear high historical and cultural values. The city can be explored by bicycle, trishaw and horse carriage which slowly take you through the scenic landscape of beautiful terraces and rustic villages. To get to this ancient city, visitors can join on board of Burma River Cruises or take a bus drive from Yangon.

Discover the Highlights by the Banks of Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy river plays an important part in Burmese culture, history and religious. Moreover, since the country opened its door for tourism, this waterway has served as the main Burma travel route. Due to the shallow water level, all Luxury Myanmar River Cruises are specially designed to adapt with this condition. Travelling by boat brings a different perspective of the monuments as well as access to some remote areas which can only reach by cruise. Let’s discover some amazing sites along the mighty river of Burma. 


This ancient capital of Burma features the magnificent plain of red brick Buddhist constructions, making its name aboard for the 2,000 temples and pagodas standing through the test of time. Lies along the bank of the Irrawaddy river, the archeological site carries a poetic but majestic look, charming reflects its shadow on the water. Tourists can catch the spectacular view over the temples plain of Bagan while enjoying your cocktail on the opening sun deck or simply through your cabin’s window.


Mandalay is the home of the last Burmese monarch which contains the marvelous royal palace accompanied with a number of historical sites. The city was first name as Yadanapon which means “city of gem” in Burmese language, then renamed after the famous Mandalay hill – the holy area where all the legends converged. Coming to this riverside city, tourists will have a chance to admire not only the elaborated wood – carving structures of the imperial enclosure but also the outstanding Kuthodaw pagoda and the world’s largest book. On the Irrawaddy Explorer journey to Mandalay, tourists can also visit to others famous sites of Burma such as Sagaing Hill, Ava (Inwa), Amarapura and Mingun. 


Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar where the breath – taking gilded Shwedagon Pagoda locates. This city is also famous for its massive market of Bogyoke Aung San or the shimmering Sule pagoda and the gigantic Buddha statues. Myanmar River Cruises promise to bring you the exceptional voyage with timeless memories.


Pyay is another highlight by the bank of the mighty Irrawaddy river which bears its own charms and beauty. You can see the enormous Buddha statue wearing the sunglasses in the Shwe Myet Hman pagoda or visit the magnificent Shwesandaw pagoda where is said to preserve a tooth and a strand of the Buddha’s hair.  What is more, by sailing to the north of Pyay, tourists can have a great opportunity to admire an impressive collection of Buddha images placed in the niches of Akauktaung mountain. 

Top 5 Things to Do in Hue

Located in Central Vietnam, Hue city is widely famous for its tranquil beauty, long-term cultural tradition, friendly people and a wide range of famous architectural and historical structures. Today, we would like to suggest to you 5 things to do in Hue when you have chance to visit this charming city.

1. Visit the Imperial Citadel
Located in the heart of the romantic Hue city, Hue Imperial City, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Vietnam, will simply be the first attraction to see whenever you set foot in this city. Hue Imperial City is an incredibly huge complex covering an area of over 520ha – 100 times larger than Temple of Literature in Hanoi, which consists of 3 main segments: Hue Capital Citadel, Royal Citadel and Forbidden Citadel together with a lot of other parts including Royal park, wooden corridors, royal schools, etc. Visiting the complex, you will have to spend at least 3 hours walking to see most of the ancient structures, besides, you can take electric cars to transfer from one citadel to another as well to save your time and energy. Once entering inside this massive complex, you will be able to discover almost every corner of it, take photos (depending on each spot), or you can learn more about all functions, names and information about the complex by watching a short 3D architectural visualizing film with subtitles. The Imperial Citadel trip will offer you an opportunity to admire such a giant architectural masterpiece of Vietnam to be able to have an overview of Vietnamese Emperors’ luxurious life in the past and understand more about Vietnamese history.

Things to do in Hue

2. Go to some Imperial tombs
Along with The Imperial City, Emperor’s Tombs are also the must-see spots for domestic and international tourists among their Vietnam excursions. Located along the Perfume River bank, these Imperial tombs are surrounded by idyllic landscape of Hue City, which really makes visitors feel so peaceful and comfortable. There are many Imperial tombs in Hue, but the most outstanding ones must be Nguyen Dynasty’s including Gia Long, Tu Duc, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Dong Khanh, Duc Duc, Khai Dinh. They were all built for 2 main functions: playground and final resting-place for the Emperors. The tombs were built in Classic Royal Architecture with beautiful vignette of sacred icons and animals like dragons, turtles, phoenixes etc, which will sure definitely delight every art lovers.

Things to do in Hue 2

3. Visit Thien Mu Pagoda
Thien Mu Pagoda, considered as the very first pagoda as well as the symbol of Hue, is widely well-known for its harmonious architecture and its ancient beauty. Visiting the pagoda, you will be amazed by its picturesque appearance – a sacred Buddhist pagoda surrounded by stunning mountains and the dreamy Perfume River. Besides, there are also spectacular ancient exhibits inside the pagoda including Buddha statues, giant bronze bells and other gems dating back to centuries ago, which helps you understand more about the history as well as the development of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Things to do in Hue 3
4. Cruising on Perfume River
Being one of the greatest inspirations for poets and musicians in Vietnam, Perfume River plays an important role to economic & cultural development, climate and the life of Hue people. Once cruising on Perfume River, you will have a chance to relax on Dragon Boats (traditional symbol of the city), enjoy cool breezes and fresh air and observe the daily life of local people on both sides of the river. You can also listen to Hue’s traditional folk songs and dances perform by skillful professional artists on the boat. Besides, cruising on Perfume River at night to enjoy the beauty of Hue will sure be the  most romantic highlight for couples, especially those who are on their Vietnam honeymoon holidays.

Things to do in Hue 4

5. Take a bike ride through the countryside
Nothing is better than taking a bike trip in the outskirt of Hue city. Indeed, during the trip, you will be able to admire the idyllic landscape of a true Vietnamese countryside with immense rice paddies and peaceful village. Some local markets can be found in the biking route, which gives you a chance to experience shopping like a Vietnamese and tasting local specialties. 

Things to do in Hue 5